WIP Pile

Lots going on the last week and this one. I am getting a good amount of sewing and knitting time squeezed in though! Here's a sneaky-peek at a fun project I'm working on.

What are you working on this week?


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  1. Knitting dolls clothes for my grandaughter's third birthday gift! My daughter in law's request. I made a full layette in 3ply (UK) yarn for a 14" baby doll for her second birthday and it has been played with sooo much and the various clothes used to dress other dollies. So I have completed a set of clothes for a 6" dolly that I had intended to give her as a gift but now madly trying to make same set of clothes for the 14" and another set for the 8" Barbie type dolly....I go on holiday Saturday and today the temperature is in the 80's !!!


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