Not Happy About This...

You know when you have a good idea for a craft project in your head, and you finally make it, and you're all excited as it comes together, and you're thinking, "Wow! This is gonna be great! It looks good so far, I love the colors, it's working out just as I planned..."

Yeah. not so much. Kind of hard to use as a floormat/rug when IT DOESN'T LAY FLAT!!!

Oh well, that's what "playing around" with ideas is for, right? Back to the drawing board/sewing machine I go.



  1. Well, it LOOKS great! Would blocking it a la a knitting project work to tame it into submission?

  2. I agree with Sarah that you should be able to block it, but since it is a floor mat, perhaps taking it to the dry cleaners would help. They might have a mega steamer that would make the process easier.

  3. Thanks for the idea of blocking ladies! I will try blocking it, but unfortunately I have a sneaking suspicion I should have sewed the rows a little differently to make each one lay flat. It kind of curves on its own in the middle and on one side.

  4. Maybe it needs to turn into a beach bag?

  5. It's a great idea. I hope the blocking works out.

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  7. Love these colors - it's a great looking project. I like the idea of steaming it into submission or blocking it. Good luck!

  8. Was intrigued when you spoke about this project on your podcast so hopefully the ideas that other's gave will work. I love the colors too.


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