CGM Podcast Episode 31: Minivan Mom?

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Show Notes 
  • Life update: We had a fun Memorial Day weekend, and it was jam-packed with activity. 
  • Sam rode the historic Dentzel Carousel at Glen Echo Park 
  • We saw the play Five Little Monkeys at the Adventure Theatre at Glen Echo Park
  • Maddy was not too thrilled with the Splash Park visit on Saturday.
  •  We're shopping for a new, larger car and it looks like a minivan may be in our future. Comment below on your minivan and why you like owning one to help me feel better about this, LOL.

F.O.'s and WIP's:
  • Finished! A peasant style dress for Maddy. Blogged about it HERE.
  • Finished! Devon peasant top by Sis Boom patterns/Jennifer Paganelli. I will blog about this soon, including pictures.
  • Still working on the spiderweb quilt and La La Love You Cowl .
What's Making Me Happy in Crafting:  some new-to-me podcasts I've been enjoying while sewing up a storm lately. 
  • Fiber and Fabric 
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class (recent listens I enjoyed: 3/7/12: Growing Up Bronte, 1/30/12: There's Always a Seat for Queen Nzinga, 11/21/11: Polio the Dread Disease, 9/7/11: The Radium Girls)
  • Stuff Mom Never Told You (recent listens I enjoyed: 4/11/12: Can You Judge a Book By It's Cover?, 4/9/12: The Potty Politics of Public Restrooms, 8/7/11: Madams: Wealthy Women of the West, 7/27/11: Did Cowgirls Get the Boot from History?)
Book Reviews:

 Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman

How to Be an American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway

Thanks for listening!




  1. We had a Ford Winstar that was nothing but trouble. We had it for about 6 years. When it broke down 3 times in one week, DH said we either had to buy a new car or a tow truck. We replaced it with a Honda Odessey, and it was great!

    It was reliable and roomy: great for carpooling. We had bucket seats, so the kids couldn't poke at each other. I loved the way the rear seat folded down into a well in the back. The well was great for hauling groceries because the bags would not fall over.

    We could put big things like a TV or chest of drawers in it w/o a problem. It was great for hauling the kids stuff back and forth to college. I felt safe driving it. My van was a 2004, I think, and we had it until 2011 when an old guy ran a light and t-boned me. I might have been killed if I had been driving something smaller!

    I did get a interesting comment from a bagger at the grocery store. He told me,"You don't look like you drive a minivan!"

  2. LOVE my minivan. I became a minivan Mum about 20 years ago when I had my third child. Now I have only one child left at home and yet I can't imagine being without a van. I keep one back seat tucked into the floor because I love the added space to haul sewing machine, wagon for the grand kids or my mega deals from Costco. I must say I also have a Smart Car for my long distance work commute but would give up the smaller car before giving up the van. Welcome to the van mom group.

  3. I ADORE my minivan. I was in the NEVER want to drive one of those moms. But then, I got pregnant with baby number 3 and the minivan looked amazing. It is SO cool and easy to drive. I love it. So family friendly. You will love it!

  4. I never wanted a minivan-but now we have had 3. You quickly get used to it-the space, the sliding side doors- it would be hard to go back now. That said, we have a joke in our family that when we drop child #3 (we have 3 kids) off at college- mom and dad are stopping by the car dealership on the way home to get rid of the minivan :)

    For what it's worth- we have a Toyota Sienna and it is my favorite. We had nothing but problems with the American made ones and I couldn't justify the premium you pay for a Honda.

    Good luck! I can't wait to listen to this episode.

  5. Loved the podcast you mentioned. I agree with you about the HOW TO / STUFF YOU MISSED .... love them and have been listening to over the past year. Right now following:

    HISTORY OF ROME... I am Italian but never heard this history in such detail before.

    History of the WORLD 100 objects ..... History through art and
    archeology finds... from the BBC ... I found this very interesting and d/l the entire series... love listening to him late at night ... mellow voice and I can drift off to sleep listening to him.... I THINK I AM GETTING SMARTER LISTENING TO HIM.




  6. Have loved having a minivan! Our Windstar is 14 years old and we are still hauling kids and stuff. Definitely bucket seats are a must. We have done a few 3 day trips with 3 kids from BC to Manitoba, and back again, with out the "he touched me". Lots of camping trips and many memories. You may only have 2 kids to drive around now, but soon you will bringing their friends along too. Our family is growing and one has his own car, so we will be looking for something a little smaller in the next couple of years.
    Just be prepared that they are not the most economical to drive.

  7. Hi there. I couldn't bring myself to get a mini van so I got an Audi Q7 instead. We drove 20 hours to Disneyland with 6 of us in car and are planning to go again this year. It's a nice compromise between coolness performance and seating 7.

  8. We don't have a minivan any more, but loved it when our children were small. It was great for keeping the boys separated. I also liked being able to jump into the back easily (DH was driving) if someone needed something (car sick, etc.). This isn't so easy in most SUVs.

    I love the look of the Devon top. Is it really 315 pages, as the FQS web site description says?

  9. Thanks so much everyone for your fabulous minivan input and encouragement! We bought a Honda Odyssey this weekend! DH is calling it "the beast" and I'm just calling her "damned big." But we love it, and Samantha is ready to put her sleeping bag in the back and watch movies on the DVD screen all day and night, LOL.

  10. Another wonderful podcast Miss Tanesha - a nice listen this almost summer morning. I don't think we can ever be "cool" in a minivan in the eyes of others. Someone told me I had a nice mommyvan.

    I can fit my family in Elizabeth (my van) when we go to family dinners (adult sibling dinners) and I feel my grand daughter is pretty safe in my car. I will say in 1996 my son and I were broadsided by a sedan going at least forty miles per hour. My van was tipped over to its side and we skidded down the street into the opposite lane of traffic. It was horrific; I particularly remember the sparks flying in front of me from the paint and metal meeting the street. I don't know why we didn't get really hurt or die. But the van crumpled as it was designed to do and that took some of the force away from us. Why an incoming car didn't hit us head-on is amazing as we were on a busy street in Pasadena. I have a fondness for mini vans. Also I can take my dogs places. And I am small - I like being up a little higher on the road...

    I love the blouse you made. You are so correct. It looks cool and pretty. I am glad you got your family car - you are a family after all and safety matters more! Cool is over-rated.

    1. OMG Kelly, what a terrible experience! I am so thankful you and your son were OK, and that the van absorbed some of the impact. I definitely feel safer driving in it, and the rear camera is awesome.


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