CGM Podcast Episode 28: Weaving a Web

Listen to the episode HERE

Show Notes 

  • Life Update: Mild days but freezing nights are keeping me from planting my garden. But I'm raring to go! I have some upcoming business travel through June, and I'm already looking forward to our first family beach week.
  • WIPs: 
    • Hot pink baby quilt for my niece

    • Spiderweb Quilt for our new king-size bed:
I used the Missouri Star Quilt Co. new wacky web template and papers 
after viewing the video tutorial they posted.
  • What's Making Me Happy in Crafting: The Lapel Stick
  • Book Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio 
Thanks for listening!


  1. Just listened this morning.... a thought about the long time between birthday and when you can say "put it on your list for Christmas", maybe make a tradition of a "end of school" thing - something to do/play with/provide some education and stimulation at the beginning of summer?

    Also, I never had much trouble with the "how soon" stuff, but friends have used calendars next to the bed and a little sticker or crossing the day out each day at bed time... and counting how many sleeps until. Then if asked, they could point to the calendar and it was up to the child to sort it out.

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  3. I'm jealous that you get to go to Book Expo! That was one of my favorite trade shows to attend when I had my "real" job. LOL. Safe travels to you!

  4. Oh, Tanesha, I can sympathize with you regarding the birthday gifts. The boys were just invited to six parties in a three-week period! I did well at the local Disney Outlet store. If you have one nearby, they are a great source for gifts. They had their beach towels on sale for $10. For each gift, I combined one towel with a pair of sunglasses (2.50) and put them into one of their reusable totes (on sale for 1.00). Each one matched a theme, like Cars or Toy Story.My budget is $15/gift and came in right under that, with our 7% sales tax!

  5. Looking forward to reading "Wonder." I have "Discovery of Witches" in my bookcase, but have not gotten to the same yet.

    Thanks for keeping me company while I "Cut the Scraps" today.
    All the best.

  6. Like Torie, you kept me company. I was driving down the Coast from Monterey on Friday in driving rain. Your voice was calming and I wished the podcast was longer! I think both your baby quilt and the spider web quilt are modern and beautiful.

  7. Had to lol about not telling kids when anything is happening (good or bad)! We kept that up until the boys were 9 and 6. By that point it had become a deeply ingrained habit for me, but my husband thought we should let them look forward to vacations, so I had to start telling them about the good things, at least. :)

    One of our boys has a late October birthday, so we have that long wait until the next gift season for him. The other one is April, so his gift seasons are pretty evenly balanced. It's much harder for me to tell the Oct. kid to wait during the long dry spell...but he is the "baby", too.

    Thanks for keeping me company on the drive home today!

  8. Great Show! I too got sucked in by Jenny over at Missouri Star Quilt Company's spiderweb tut. I bout the template and the papers as well! Looking forward to getting started on mine and seeing the progress on yours.


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