BOOK WINNER! And a thank you...

Wow, what a fantastic response to my cranky-pants post last week! I was delighted to read that so many of you also have some "dirty quilting secrets" and that by revealing mine, you came out with them full force here. I didn't reply to them last week so as not to skew the giveaway entry numbers. But be assured I will definitely respond to them this week, they were too good not to read through several times.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Pam (Hip to Be  Square Podcast) said:
when I post close-up photographs of my FMQ work, I ALWAYS pick the best area to show, so most people think my FMQ is way better than it actually is. There are uneven stitches all over the place, and I'm okay with that since when you wash a quilt it all crinkles up and you don't really notice.
 LOL, I do that too Pam!

Rhonda (Quilter in the Gap Podcast) said:
I NEVER EVER EVER rip out stitches. Now I am not talking quilting stitches, I am talking piecing stitches. I just don't have the time for that. I don't get much sewing time and I don't want to spend it "undoing" so instead I will simply "make do". 

And Linda just may be my new hero. Girlfriend is using PAINT on her pieced quilts to hide "flaws" - LOVE IT! Check out what she revealed:
My "dirty little secret"? Well, On my very first piecing "adventure", bright colored half square triangles against a black background, I learned after the fact that my points were supposed to "come to a point". Since mine didn't, I went in with black paint and painted each to a nice point! To this day, nobody notices. I'm not great at piecing! Applique is much more forgiving! 
Thanks again to all who commented. I have reopened the comments in that post so if you have an urge to reveal more secrets, please do so! 

But of course there was also ONE WINNER of the book, Modern Minimal by A. Carlton. I am so happy to reveal that it is #8: "C" of the blog katydidart.net

She said:
OMGoodness. I think we must be sisters in spirit! Especially with #3 - I've told DH for years that I can't decide which quilt should be in my casket when I go. Should it be my very best quilt? In which case, why would I want it buried - it should be handed down through the generations. Or should I use a quick quilt. But then people would view me and my quilt and say, "I thought she was a good quilter. This thing looks like she bought it at WalMart!"

Congratulations!!! I have sent you an email so I can send the book to you.

Thanks to everyone for entering and tweeting about the giveaway!


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