Past Quilt #6: A Happy Bride

I got married on May 21st, 2004. I still remember almost every minute of that day, like it was yesterday. I don't think I'd ever felt so happy inside. I was also so confident I was doing the right thing marrying the man I chose, I didn't feel nervous at all. OK, maybe a little nervous. I did have on about 25 pounds of wedding gown to get down the aisle with 2 layers of Spanx and 3 inch heels. But nervous about the man I was walking to? Not a bit.

Several months after the "big day" I wanted to make a small art quilt to remind me of that wonderful day, and since the photographer took hundreds of photos, I had a lot to choose from. I decided to use this one:

Cropped out the excess to get it here:

Using Tammie Bowser's Quilted Photography book and software, I was able to create a highly pixilated image of the picture. Then using over 15 different values of fabric, I made this mosaic art quilt:

A close-up:

I purposely used variegated thread in a meandering stipple and didn't worry about lighter threads being on the darker fabric. This gives the portrait more natural shading that the naked eye picks up when you're standing at a natural distance from the quilt..something else I learned in another art quilt class with Noriko Endo.


  1. I love your self portrait quilt Tanesha and you did look like a happy, calm, and centered bride. Also - Noriko Endo is on my bucket list of quilt teachers of which I absolutely want to take a class!

  2. super cool! and you are a beautiful bride!

  3. WOW! Absolutely beautiful - the bride and the quilt!

  4. Oh Tanesha , truly beautiful. You and the portrait quilt.

  5. Beautiful - you and the quilt. Mary Ann

  6. Tanesha,
    That is really beautiful, both your picture on the wedding day and how you captured the essence of the excitement in your quilt. Thanks for sharing this. Kelly Ramsey

  7. You looked very beautiful on your wedding day. Wow that quilt is truly amzaing. Great job.

  8. You looked very beautiful on your wedding day. Wow that quilt is truly amzaing. Great job.

  9. All I can say is Wow! Beautiful bride and portrait of yourself.


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