CGM Podcast Episode 27: Spring Has Sprung

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Show Notes 
  • Life Update: Sam is learning to ride her bike without a helpful "push" from Mom, Maddy is still indignant she can't have everything she wants when she wants it, and I am happy to putter in my garden, prepping it for the season.
  • WIPs: binding At Home in the Woods - too depressing to go on for too long about. Wrangling 3 strands of yarn for my slippers, and ignoring the creative "input" from my brother for their baby quilt has been all that I'm working on lately.
  • Interesting thing I've been reading about: "Servant in the house" aka the sewing machine.  
    • Book found at a local used bookstore: Queen of Inventions by Laurie Carlson
    • Another good reference site: Servant in the House: A Brief History of the Sewing Machine posted by The Smithsonian Library

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    1. Great podcast! I'm impressed you recorded before work. THAT is dedication, lady! Am off to reserve Summer at Tiffany from the library. Thanks, as always, for the wonderful inspiration your podcast provides!

    2. Tanesha - what a great, fun podcast. I loved your history of the sewing machine. The financing for machines today always make me think of Singer's financing for housewives in the 1800's and how many sewing machine manufacturers today must invoke the name of Singer. It is such a huge part of my life and it was as I grew up too. (I just wish they made a machine that rivaled the engineering of European machines - sigh.) The book recommendation sounds so good and I, too, will reserve it at the library. I hope you get lots of cherry blossoms to walk under in your early Spring.

    3. Thanks for the book recap on the sewing machine. You have such a smooth way of speaking that it sounds like a professional presentation.

      All the best.


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