Thursday Thoughts

Outside my window... gray sky and 53 degrees... yesterday it was almost 70. My flower bulbs must be so confused.

I am thinking... about how much work I have to do. Big surprise.

I am thankful for... Netflix and Amazon Prime instant streaming. No really, they are the bomb.com.

I am reading... 4 books right now. I know, nuts.
I am wearing... Camel pants (the color, I'm not wearing a camel), chocolate tank, chocolate "flowy front" cardigan with crochet edges.

I am creating... my knitted cowl, and pipe dreams of finding a solid block of time to sew this week.
I am going... to start working just as soon as I check out Pinterest. Somebody smack me off of it in 5 minutes...wait, make that 10.

I am hoping... Maryland Crab Soup is on the deli menu today..yummm. And yes, we Marylanders are definitely snobs when it comes to crabs and all food-related items with crab in it.
I am hearing... the casting of the movie version of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society book is underway in Guernsey.. hooray! If you haven't read that book yet, why are you still here? Run! Don't walk and read it now. Come back and gush, I mean tell me, how much you loved it. If you didn't, I guess we can still be friends.

Around the house... not our best look right now. Above, I should have put how thankful I am the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow.

One of my favorite things... birthday cake. Have had it twice in the last 2 weeks now.

A few plans for the rest of the week... finish something crafty, declutter my nightstand drawers, bounce in a Bounce House with the girls during Sam's birthday party, shed a few thankful and selfish tears when my MIL leaves for good on Sunday.

A picture to share..

I am happy...because I have this beautiful stack of quilting and sewing books to go through! 
I am lucky...because I have a job that sends me all of these free books.
You are lucky...because I got 2 copies of each and plan to have some giveaways soon. Watch this space!

What's up in your world today?



  1. Sunny cloudless sky and 63 degrees in Tennessee. Jonquils are blooming & it feels like Spring!

  2. Drooling over your stack of books!

  3. My daffodils have decided spring is here. I have 8 in bloom by my mailbox. They are optimists, I think. Surely winter will arrive sometime in Feb.

  4. Spring is coming to the Okanagan Valley...the snow is starting to melt.

  5. Look at all those books!!! Tomorrow I am having a linky party "For the Love of...Books" on my blog. I'd love if you came over to link up. :D

  6. I am saving this format to post very soon. I love this. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to hear more about the books. Funny...one of your favorite things (birthday cake) is one of the few things that I could care less if I ever eat them again....unless of course you threw out ALL frosting/icing!!!

  7. I did love Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society! One of those nice quiet books with great characters and a great story. AND, I learned about Guernsey, which I knew nothing about before.


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