Five years old today. My beautiful sunshine girl. I can hardly believe you've gone from this little sweetheart.

To this big girl who fills our hearts and home with laughter, smiles, and kisses everyday.

So much will happen for you this year: preschool graduation, first dance recital, summer camp, Kindergarten (aka riding the school bus which is your main focus).

Happy Birthday my Sammy-Sam!!

Your CGM


  1. & happy birthday to your lovely little girl (OK BIG girl, LOL) Tanesha

  2. Happy Birthday Sam! Five is such a great age! I miss my babies being five. Remember Rudy Huxtable's diliemma about being five? YAY five! lol

  3. A very happy birthday, Sam! I love the stories your mom tells about you--all good ones, don't worry! Five is a great age--all sorts of new stuff happening to you. Have a fantastic year!

  4. Happy Birthday, Sam!

    Now Keep Calm and Quilt on! ;-)

  5. Sam says thank you! She had a wonderful birthday, and is already asking how many days until she turns 6. Oy! And since the "party never ends" here, she and 15 of her closest pals will be bouncing away on Saturday.

  6. I'm behind, but I hope Sam had a grat birthday party with her friends. She's so cute and funny!


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