Finished Top + Using My Timer to Quilt

Squeaked out a little time last week to finish this top:

Disappearing 9 Patch

I used a charm pack from the Ruby by Bonnie & Camille line, and this was a super-easy top to put together. So now I have to "Ruby's" to get quilted once I am done with the quilting on At Home in the Woods.

The good news: I'm back behind the machine again!
The bad news: I keep adding to my WIP pile and need to buckle down and get some actual quilting done.

To help manage my time this week, I've decided to set my timer for 15 minutes at a time and do nothing but free motion quilt on At Home in the Woods until it is done.

I often employ this method in my quilting, as well as other areas of my life where I have to buckle down and focus to get the job done. A timer keeps you on task and you quickly realize how fast the time goes by.

Put on some fun music, start sewing, and you can get quite a bit of surface area covered in just 15 minutes.

Back to the machine and my timer! And stay tuned: BIG BOOK GIVEAWAY coming Thursday!!



  1. Go girl! Pretty quilt. Tami In Denver

  2. Love the quilt--and may need to do some of that 15 minute stuff myself soon!

  3. Beautiful quilt top and love the timer idea!

  4. I use a timer too! And I thought I was the only one.


  5. Your Ruby looks lovely Tanesha! I have been collecting a load of Ruby and am now deciding on a pattern…Great idea with the timer. I don't really enjoy machine quilting so this would be a great way to chip away at it.


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