CGM Podcast Episode 25: Love Everywhere

Listen to the episode HERE

Show Notes

  • Life update: NY Giants won the Superbowl and why this probably won't ever happen again, Maddy started daycare last week, Samantha reminds me this is the time where there is "loooove everywhere"
  • Finished Projects and WIPs:
    • Gaptastic Cowl: FINISHED!!
    • Currently quilting At Home in the Woods using all monofilament thread. I give a few "tips" on how to sew with this finnicky thread, and why it's now my go-to thread when quilting art quilts.

    • What's Making Me Happy in Crafting: Thread nets! Do you use one? I give a few reasons why you should be.
      • Here is a picture of a thread net, in case you're not familiar:

    • How CGM Keeps It Together: Menu Planning
      • Some good resources for menu planning:
        • Saving Dinner books by Leanne Ely

    Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely
    •  Book Reviews:
    Modern Mix by Jessica Levitt

    Home Front by Kristin Hannah
    • What I'm Reading Now: Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood and Crossed by Ally Condie
    Thanks for listening!



    1. Haven't listened to the podcast yet but wanted to say that I love SAVING DINNER.

    2. Can't wait to listen to your latest podcast - especially what you have to say about Saving Dinner. I've heard about the book through Fly Lady, but haven't sprung for the menu planning. :-)

    3. hi! thanks for sharing your tips on menu planning, I am really bad at that. I end up going to the store way too many times a week and have been meaning to plan menus. I really like your idea about the index cards...I am definitely going to do that. Also wanted to say that I am #25 on the waiting list for Home Front at my library! thanks for the great podcasts you do :)

    4. Oh Miss Tanesha, what a lovely podcast. I loved your book reviews so much. I also would like to think that someday I won't be stopping at the market around the corner from my house (literally) three times/week. I am going to try the thread nets, too. My current method only works sometimes!


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