Finished: Knitted Cap & Fingerless Gloves

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may know that I recently had all 4 wisdom teeth removed. I decided to bite the bullet I've been dodging for 20 years, and go ahead and have it done while I was already on vacation so I wouldn't have to take more time off work later.

Recovering from dental surgery isn't exactly the way I wanted to ring in the new year, but it did give me a marvelous excuse to take some "extra" rest and be able to spend some true alone time in my room - even WITH kids in the house. Big kudos here to my DH who really stepped it up and kept the rugrats..er, children, under control, out of my hair, and otherwise occupied in ways I didn't ask about or really even care about while I was high on Vicodin and whatever else the oral surgeon had prescribed.

Once the "fog" of post-surgery anaesthesia had lifted and I only had to drool into a cup while laying on the bed, I took full advantage of my "aloneness" and watched every episode of The Buccaneers, practically uninterrupted - unheard of! I also listened to several podcasts and started a new audio book during my restful weekend. By the second day I was feeling OK enough to pull out my knitting bag and work on a UFO I'd begun many months ago (as in 2010, eek). It's amazing how having several straight hours, not just minutes, can help you complete a project isn't it?

I finished this set just in time, as the temperature outside dipped dramatically from the 31st to the new year by almost 40 degrees. I used the Easy Fingerless Mitts and the Knit Newsboy Hat patterns on Ravelry, with a few of my own modifications.

Still working on my Gap-tastic Cowl, but it's slow going as now that I'm back in full Mom mode (i.e. no rest for the swollen cheeked and weary), there is very little time to sit quietly and knit...or quilt...or read...or watch all of Season 1 of Downton Abbey back-to-back prior to Season 2 starting up this weekend. Sigh. I'm not willing to have anymore teeth yanked voluntarily to support my cause though, so it's back to the normal/chaotic routine of squeezing in craft-time where I can.


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  1. I am glad your oral surgery went well Tanesha.And the hat and gloves came out fabulous, too!


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