CGM Podcast Episode 24: A Dragon Year

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Show Notes

  • Life Update: party recap, MIL leaving which means changing schedules/timimg/more craziness for the household as we adjust.
  • WIPs:
    • Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt
    • At Home in the Woods...don't ask.
    • Gaptastic cowl....possibly the slowest progress ever on a knitted item.
  • Next up Projects:
    • Baby quilt for my brother and SIL. They'd like it in gray, deep pink, and light purple.
    • Swoon Quilt! Have you seen this pattern yet? I'd be shocked if you haven't - it's everywhere! Like here, here, and here for a start.

  • Making Me Happy in Crafting: New blades for my rotary cutter and my scissor sharpener
 Shear Sharp Scissor Sharpener. 
Here is where you can buy it for less than $10.

  • New Segment: How CGM Keeps It Together. This week the "tip" is having a before bed routine or set of things you do prior to going to bed.
  • Book Reviews:

Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell

  • What I'm Reading Now: Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult and the audiobook of A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick
Thanks for listening!



  1. I am often amazed at you and the other podcasters who are moms, work, podcast, quilt, and manage your lives. I like your new tips section. I think you will reach many moms and some of us older moms, too. I mentioned to Nonnie on Seamed Up that although I do not see myself becoming a "modern" quilter, I appreciate and like the quilts very much. The L.A. Modern Quilt Guild is exhibiting at a nearby quilt show in March and I am looking forward to seeing those quilts. I will think of all the young quilters I listen to on the internet.

  2. Hi Tanesha, thanks for another great podcast, I listened to the last couple back to back over the last week driving home from work. I too am a fan of Downton and Larkrise. I thought you might like to know that they've just announced Shirley McLaine will be jointing Downton as Lady Grantham's mother for season 3! You may already know? Looking forward to your podcasts again this year! Cheers, Michelle

  3. I am currently listening to the podcast, and just wanted to mention something about those diapers: once you are done wit babies they make great dust clothes. I still have one or two from my first daughter, now 32.


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