Thursday Thoughts

  • I am doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD.
  • I started on Monday.
  • I hate that bitch.
  • Sorry to use that word, but I thought long and hard about it, and after waking up everyday the last 3 days feeling like a mack truck ran over me, yeah, it fits.
  • I hurt so much I had to console myself with Haagen Dazs last night.
  • Don't know how I got to the bottom of the carton so fast.
  • Someone must have eaten 2/3 of it before I got there.
  • Anyways, since everything including the tips of my fingers hurt I haven't done any sewing.
  • I just go into my studio and stare forlornly at the fabric.
  • Then I snuggle under a quilt and watch a BBC series, Lark Rise to Candleford.
  • Have you seen this one?
  • It's great.
  • Fulfills my current love for all BBC period dramas like Downton Abbey.
  • The second season of Downton Abbey has already finished in England.
  • It starts in the US in early January.
  • I have a dirty secret about it though: I've already seen all 8 episodes.
  • Don't hate.
  • All I'll say about how I was able to watch the season is that my Dad "knows a guy."
  • I won't give away any details here because I know you want to let it unfold in all its delicious wonderfulness.
  • But it's awesome.
  • And they perfectly set it up for Season 3.
  • Leaving you hanging.
  • Which I'm now ticked I have to wait a whole year to see.
  • Samantha keeps asking if Santa got her Christmas list.
  • She's worried it might get lost in the mail.
  • She thinks we should have emailed it instead.
  • See what I deal with?
  • I'm taking her and Maddy to get pictures with Santa this weekend.
  • She's (Samantha) still picking out outfit potentials for the day.
  • I'm wondering why they don't have wine bars in malls.
  • My Mom told me last night that she got my Dad a colon cleanse for Christmas.
  • I don't know what else other than sex-talk falls under TMI for parents.
  • I can only hope when my DH and I get to their age I don't feel it's necessary to give my daughters a run down of his bowel troubles.
  • Ick.
  • So now I know whatever I get my Dad he will be delighted with it.
  • He'll be even more delighted if I give my mom the 30 Day Shred DVD.
  • We're mean like that in my family.
  • Happy Holidays!


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    2. You make me chuckle. And I completely agree with your assessment of Jillian Michaels.. I hate that bitch, too.

    3. Oh - I so needed to laugh. Thank you Tanesha!

    4. This is the third time I've been back here to read this post - it's hilarious!

    5. THANKS for helping me spend my money! I bought several of the books you recommended for my grandson.

      I have started reading the books aloud and putting them into a MP3 FILE via Audacity. Sometimes I can get him to sit and listen while I record the book reading so I also capture his comments. Many times I read them when he is not home. I then burn them to disc and he listens to them on the car ride. WE DO HAVE TO BE CAREFUL TO HAVE THE BOOK IN THE CAR matching the cD... or else it is NOT PRETTY.... can we say MELTDOWN.



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