Thursday Thoughts

  • I was bitten by a spider on my left ankle last weekend.
  • My leg felt like someone was stabbing me from the inside.
  • It blew up like I had elephantitis.
  • For reals.
  • I could barely put any weight on it all day Saturday.
  • I remembered I had several Oxycodine pills from having my C-section earlier this year.
  • I barely had to use them then.
  • I think I took 1 of them the whole week after that C-section.
  • I took 5 between Saturday and Sunday.
  • Not at the same time.
  • I wanted to wash them down with a shot of whiskey but my DH thought that might be overkill.
  • If I ever find that spider I may borrow my neighbor's shotgun and blast it to Kingdom Come.
  • Luckily I use my right foot on the presser foot of my sewing machine.
  • I was able to complete my Lemon Squares quilt and get started on a new quilt using a jelly roll of Ruby by Camille Roskelly.
  • Love her and her gorgeous blog, Simplify.
  • Still ignoring the pile of UFOs under my cutting table.
  • I need those to set some goals for 2012 anyways.
  • I am at the point where I just don't get those "Occupy City X" people.
  • For a start: where do they go the bathroom?
  • Don't any of them have kids?
  • Knowing how often a kid needs to go, I bet it's more like "Occupy McDonald's bathroom line" most of the day.
  • Maybe it's the tents.
  • I just can't "do" tents.
  • i.e., I don't camp.
  • My idea of "roughing it" is staying at a motel you walk outside to get to your room.
  • I also don't get the cities allowing the "Occupiers" to camp out for months.
  • But they'll bum-rush a homeless person or family off a park bench in 1 night.
  • How about Occupy City X for homeless people?
  • Hungry children?
  • Affordable medication for seniors?
  • Stashless quilters?
  • I guess in keeping with the reason the Occupy people are out there, I'd fall into the 1% group after all.
  • God knows I've got enough fabric to be in the running as a 1% stasher.
  • But please, for the love of Pete, do not come pitch a tent in my yard.


  1. Yep, the UFO's under the cutting table (in my case, under the bed) do give us some goals for next year. Ummm, does it count that some of them were goals for THIS year? Love your concept of camping or roughing it, I'm with you there. While spiders don't normally bother me (I just squish 'em) if one made me feel like that one did you, I'm thinking a shotgun is not nearly enough punishment for it. :-) ~Nita

  2. I want to be a 1% stasher!

    (Sorry about the spidey bite - you need to feed them more obviously)

  3. Throw the spiders a steak before you step out of the house next time. And good for you--soldiering on at your sewing machine despite Mother Nature's Vengeance!

  4. I think it's amusing, the whole occupy thing. They scream, "down with capitalism" while holding a brand new iphone and tweeting about it. Where do they think those things came from? There's so many stories of attacks and lawlessness, and people bathrooming in the street! Yeah... count me out of that nonsense. Most of them don't even understand what they are protesting.

  5. I have a scar on my hand from a spider bite I got about 2 years ago. Terrible! And I didn't even get any cool powers from it.. bummer.

  6. I love these posts Tanesha!

  7. 1. go to the dr about the spider bite. You might be allergic.
    2. I love Ruby also
    3. I am ignoring my UFOs also (
    4. I think the Occupy people missed their chance.
    5. I don't know where they go to the bathroom either
    6. I don't camp anymore either. I consider Motel 6 to be camping. yes, I am a snob.
    are we twins?)

  8. Go to the doctor about the spider bite. What if it was a brown recluse? Horrors!

  9. Your post made me smile! I do love to camp with my family, but it is completely for selfish enjoyment, have no time to occupy a city. have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting my blog this week! i am your newest follower!

  10. I agree - go to the doc! They shouldn't be that painful....and as a mommy...it is our jobs to teach our kids to take care of themselves....by example. If it was Samantha...wouldn't you have already been at the doctor? Just saying. I know if it was my Vanilla or Pumpkin....I would be in Urgent Care with them.

    Love this post. The stream of conscisouness is fabulous.

    I think that the 99%ers are trying to make a difference. I know that here in Seattle, they have portapotties called "Honey Buckets." Just makes me cringe to think about it.

    Thanks for sharing and the giggles.

  11. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I DID go to the Dr. on Monday following Thanksgiving and he confirmed it was a spider bite but a lot of the swelling had gone down. Gave me a shot of something in my behind and I was much better the following day. I'm still holding a grudge on that spider though!

  12. Wow, you should do stand-up on the side. You ALWAYS make me laugh! And, goodness, hope he gave you that shot of whiskey you wanted! HA!


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