CGM Podcast Episode #21: Holiday Warm Up

Listen to the episode: HERE

Show Notes:

  • Life update: Where this podcast is moving, Sam's Christmas list
  • Completed projects:
    • Lemon Squares Quilt
    • Selvage Christmas Tree mug rugs
  • WIPs:
    • Jelly Role Race quilt
    • Finish quilting the At Home in the Woods quilt
    • Knitting a baby sweater for Maddy
Gift-giving book ideas for children: 

I go into detail about giving books as gifts to children this episode. All ages, genders, there are quite a few ideas on some books you may not have heard of that would make a great holiday gift for the child or young adult in your life.

Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays!



  1. As always Miss Tanesha, thank you for the book reviews. You gave me some very good ideas (for myself!)

    I think you are wise to take a Holiday break and just enjoy your family. Good luck, too, next year with your new podcasting host site.

    Thanks again for a wonderful year of podcasts and all the quilting goodness.

  2. Thanks for mentioning our conversation about the Jelly Roll Race quilt technique and thanks for your kind words about mine. I think the key is to cut 20" off the first piece, which I did not do. I probably won't try this again unless I have a Jelly Roll and am in need of quick quilt (which is really not my thing), but if I do, I will definitely cut off 20" and then start sewing.

  3. Okay, new quilter girl question: I don't own any jelly rolls, but I do have a ton of lovely fabric collections. How much yardage do I need to create a jelly roll?


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