Thursday Thoughts

  • We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner next week.
  • So far, 12 have rsvp'd.
  • My house is a wreck.
  • I am very unmotivated to clean it.
  • Would it look bad if I served everyone on my daughter's plastic plates from her play-kitchen?
  • Whatever happens and however bad it looks, I'll blame it all on the kids.
  • 2/3 of the crap strewn all over the house is theirs.
  • Who am I kidding? I'm too A-type personailty not to go on a cleaning frenzy this weekend.
  • My husband will alternately hide out in the basement and try and tackle the 55 things I put on his "Honey Do" list while ducking and dodging me.
  • And I don't take "but the game's on" as an excuse either.
  • I guess it's too much to ask him to paint the house by Tuesday?
  • I just learned The Duggars are having their 20th baby.
  • I'm surprised it doesn't just fall out.
  • You know what I mean.
  • We've got 2 kids kicking our ass, I don't know how they do it with 20.
  • I don't even understand where or how they have time or energy to have "relations".
  • I'd look at my husband and say, "H to the No" for the end of all time buddy.
  • I am currently obsessed with doing holiday sketches.
  • Like this one:

  • And this one:

    • To the point I am ignoring all of the other WIPs I'd had every intention of completing by the end of the year.
    • The sketches will make cute mini quilts and/or mug rugs. 
    • If you read some previous posts you'll see the ones I've already made.
    • I'm too busy to link to them here.
    • Got to sit with my Haagen Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter and contemplate the size of the turkey I need for about 20 people.
    • You know, the ones who don't rsvp but still show up.
    • With 3 of their "friends."
    • At least everyone knows to bring a bottle of wine.
    • Which I mysteriously smuggle to my wine stash for private consumption later.
    • You probably think I'm a wino by now what with all the wine drinking I refer to.
    • But really, do you think anyone should get through a Thanksgiving for 20, including in-laws without at least 1 glass of wine?
    • Surely you jest.


    1. I feel your pain. 33 people are coming to my house next Thursday. It is not really like Thanksgiving here. It is part party, part family reunion. We will be fine if the weather is nice and the kids can go outside. There will be eleven kids here under the age of 14. There will be six people over the age of 70. Everyone brings something to share. I make the turkey, ham and mashed potatoes. We use paper plates and plastic silverware. Anyone who wants a fancier table setting is welcome to have it at their house next year.

    2. Oh Tanesha - I needed to laugh this morning. I have a meeting today I Don't Want To Go To, so while there, I will flashback to this post and smile to mysel. BTW - the sketches look great. I tell you, you are a pattern business waiting to happen.

    3. Hire someone to help you. Seriously. You need a cleaning lady, especially with a full time job.

      We are hosting for 24. Email me and I will give you my plan. You can copy it. Potluck is a must.

      Start early on the wine.

    4. Who wants to clean when you can sew or sketch? Who wants to clean?. Love your sketches btw. You gotta have wine with Thanksgiving especially if you're the one hosting! And stashing the extra is a good payoff! I've been getting off easy the last few years. Our families don't live near us. We always go to friends houses. I bake a pie and bring some wine. Man, I'm lucky!

    5. OH.My.Gosh. You are just too funny. I'd start on the wine now. And I agree with Jaye, hire help. If you feel guilty hiring someone to do something you are capable of doing think of it as buying yourself time to do what you want. That's all it took for me to hire a weekly house cleaner.

    6. Tanesha, we have always hosted the whole family. When our kids were little (as we're their cousins) we used the disposable plastic dishes and cups. Not only is cleanup a breeze, you can write each person's name on his or her cup with a permanent marker. (Actually, we still do that cup thing even when we use the good china now!)

      When we only had one child and lived in a 1000 square foot ranch, we had 32 people for dinner one year! And 12 of them slept at our house (mostly on our living room floor). Looking back, it was a lot of fun, but that year itnwas scary.

    7. Pardon my iPad typo. That should read "it was scary."

    8. i hope your thanksgiving prep is fun and enjoyable.

      the HD chocolate peanut butter ice cream will help, for sure!

    9. One glass? Seriously friend...one BOTTLE may not be enough :)

    10. We are also hosting Thanksgiving, and are extremely unmotivated to clean the house. I feel your pain.

    11. So funny. We go away at Thanksgiving, but that sounds like me last Christmas (well, fewer people, but the house still has to be as clean). I had more than one glass of wine, and didn't really turn the oven off when I thought I did while we opened presents, so the duck was over done. Not much else went wrong. Take care and have a good one.

    12. This is very funny!


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