I'm on FIRE!!!

Kindle Fire that is. I got one from darling hubby for my birthday! I was like a kid waiting for Santa to come what with having to wait 2 weeks for my gift to arrive. It was SO WORTH the wait. I have been playing with it all day. I love how quickly it synced up with the books and games in my "old" Kindle. I spent over an hour looking through all of the movies available to view instantly or rent for 24-48 hours at a reasonable $2.99 - $4.99. Don't get me started on how many FREE movies and TV shows there are too....can you say all of Season 1 of Downton Abbey? Yes!! There are lots of apps as well. I already downloaded Angry Birds...got to have those crazy birds and piggies, lol.

The Fire streams beautifully with no hiccups or stalling.The screen and overall size are perfect. Only drawbacks are that it's a bit heavier than I was expecting, but once I put it in a cover it just felt like the weight of a hardcover book to me. Another drawback for some would be that it doesn't have 3G/4G capability, only wireless. But frankly, I am just planning to use this as my eReader, play mindless games, and to watch movies occasionally when I'm traveling. I have my laptop at home and at work to do the "heavier" work of day-to-day emails and generating documents. I also have an iPhone, so again I'm covered with the basic needs I was looking for in a higher-end eReader. This one totally fits the bill!

Ask questions if you're thinking about getting one but would like more specifics about something. But if you're only dipping a toe in so far, JUMP IN, it's so worth it!



  1. Let me know what quilt books look like. Are the drawings and illustrations included?

  2. @Jaye: Good question! I downloaded samples of several of my favorite quilting books and they were absolutely gorgeous on the screen. All drawings and illustrations were there and the instructions for piecing were exactly the same, just in a smaller format than a full-size book of course.

  3. hmmm, that sounds fantastic! Does it read the books aloud? That would be very useful for me!

    Giles (Touch And Sew)

  4. I have the NookColor and love it. I'm looking forward to the OS upgrade next month which will give me Hulu and Netflix capabilities.

  5. I also have a Nook Color (since last Christmas) and we are inseparable! I feel sorry for my paperbacks and hardcover books gathering dust on the shelf now.

    Enjoy your new tablet! :)

  6. Enjoy! I've always loved the feel of holding the book in my hand while reading, but I gotta admit..I seriously love reading on my ipad, especially when traveling and not trying to cram just one more thing into the overstuffed briefcase. Congrats!

  7. Oooh,ooh! I am schemeing to get one. I have some credit card points saved up, and my mom ususally gets me a gift certificate for Christmas, so...

    We have WiFi in the house and at the local coffee shop, so I want to use it to follow blogs, Facebook, email, and read magazines as well as books. I currently use my BlackBerry, but am feeling the inch of small screen size and slow processing. Does that all sound doable on the Fire?


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