Figuring a Few Things Out

 If you're already a listener of my podcast, you may have noticed it's been several (extra) weeks since I've posted a new episode. The reason is that my hosting site, Blip.tv, has made the decision to boot us audio podcasters out, keeping only their video podcasters. This bummed me out not only because I was very happy with them and the fact I only had to upload my mpeg file and poof! they sent it to iTunes.

Now I've got to figure a few things out. Like where to go, how to use a new format, and also move all of the previous episodes over to the new feed. Not a happy task for the very low technically savvy person that I am.

To be honest, I've known about this move for about a month now, but I (as usual) procrastinated and did a mental "la la la" about it.

All this to say that I am NOT pod-fading, just on a hopefully short "pod-pause" while I figure all this s$!#&!**" out....not that I'm bitter or anything, lol.

Thank you for sticking with me. I will post again about the podcast when I'm back up and running with a new feed.



  1. Will be anxious to have you back :) I love listening to your life stories and book reviews (and oh yeah...the quilting is cool too!)

  2. I'll be here waiting .
    Celia (Australia)

  3. Hope you find a new host that you like! I don't know where I'm gonna have a "backup" for people that don't use iTunes. Hang in there!

  4. No worries Miss Tanesha. Will check back until you are back.

  5. I'll be watching for your next podcast. I always enjoy your podcasts. Good luck with the updates. I'm just glad you do it!

  6. As a technically challenged person myself, you have my sympathy, but we miss you! Diane from California


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