Thursday Thoughts

  • I have a few days off work and it's raining.
  • That's OK, I have a ton of indoor stuff to do.
  • Like laundry.
  • Decluttering the closets
  • and organizing the office paperwork into some semblance of order.
  • How come when Mom's are "off" they still think about all the 100+ things that need to get done around the house?
  • And when Dad's "off" the most he is thinking about is whether to book a morning or afternoon tee-time?
  • I should have planned this time off better. But time, as usual, got away from me.
  • Does Elizabeth Arden spa take walk-ins?
  • Come hell or high-water I am going to get a mani/pedi on my birthday.
  • although the nice Vietnamese lady who does my nails may weep when she sees the state of my feet.
  • I think my heels could sand a deck it's been so long...
  • and maybe I can swing some extended time in the sewing room this weekend.
  • The grandparents "present" is to have Sam sleepover at their house Saturday night.
  • I'm a little ashamed at myself how happy that makes me.
  • Even Sam asked why I was smiling so big.
  • I told her I was happy she was getting to spend extra time with her Nana and Grandpa.
  • I think she's on to me though
  • she asked me how much sewing I will do while she's gone?
  • and will I eat all of the ice cream again while she's gone?
  • For the record that only happened one time
  • and it was less than 1/3 of a Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter container.
  • Now I want ice cream.
  • Birthday calories don't count right?



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