Thursday Thoughts

Decided to put down on paper..or in my case, this blog, what I'm thinking about lately. Kind of a brain dump to allow room for more craziness to enter. I fully expect you to think I'm nuts by the time you're through reading, but here goes:

  • I finished another Birdie Stitches block yesterday. I'm either the slowest stitcher on Earth or damn that took forever.
  • The slow stitching might have something to do with needing one hand to pick up and drink my glass of wine.
  • OK OK, it was 2 glasses....but lest you think I'm like that Mom to the missing baby who passed out after 5 glasses, my mother-in-law AND husband were home.
  • Not that I'm judging a mom for having a day where she feels the need to get shit-faced drunk on wine.
  • But come on, really? Who does that?
  • ...without backup in case of emergency?
  • Where was I going with this?
  • Oh yeah, so I'm a slow stitcher and that's why I hate sewing on mundane things like quilt bindings, buttons, hooks-and-closures.
  • You know, the stuff that holds it all together.
  • and also pieces of fabric on top of other pieces of fabric....you know, hand applique.
  • Ick.
  • Stop clutching your pearls in horror, I didn't say I didn't appreciate hand applique
  • it just isn't for me. All that hand stitiching.... 
  • I particularly hate making the blanket stitch. 
  • I don't even like doing machine blanket stitching really
  • So I can't explain why I enjoy doing embroidery so much.
  • Crazy, huh?
  • Maddy is 9 months old today.
  • Someone please stop the clock.
  • Thank you.
  • Samantha has learned to count backwards from 50.
  • And she does it. A lot.
  • Like All.Day.Long.
  • Hence the need for wine.
  • I gave Maddy peas for dinner last night.
  • She scrunched up her nose a bit, but ate them.
  • 5 minutes later as I was holding her, I felt her stomach heave..
  • pea soup all over both of us.
  • very Exorcist-like of her.
  • I can't blame her though. Neither her Mom or Dad likes peas at all.
  • As in we NEVER eat them.
  • That's what I get for trying to be a "good mom" and feed my kid a particular green vegetable when it is genetically predetermined she won't like them.
  • I bet she'll just LOVE french fries and chocolate cake when she's old enough to eat those.
  • Again, genetically predetermined....
  • Samantha thought the pea soup was so gross she ran from the room screaming.
  • right into my sewing room where she proceeded to bump into my table with my carefully organized embroidery floss cards sitting in neat stacks
  • by color.
  • 362 of them.
  • Hence the need for wine.
Have a great day!



  1. Oh Tanesha, you are not nuts at all. All of us moms have had days like that. You are SO entitled to your 2 glasses of wine. I hope tomorrow is all sunshine and blue skies for you. Happy quilting.

  2. I remember those days :-)


    P.S. I hate peas and love wine too :)

  4. I am glad I am not alone in my own crazy world. Good to know someone who likes to read and quilt is there with me. ;-)

  5. You really made me smile today, and that wasn't easy to do today! Isn't being a mom great???

  6. Great post - you made me laugh! I remember all of that craziness from when our kids were younger. Makes for great stories!

  7. Putting down your stream of consciousness on paper just cracked me up. It reveals that you see the world through humor and grace. You made me smile.

  8. Maddy will also probably like wine when she grows up! Great post Tanesha....thank you for making me laugh. :) Oh and I also hate peas.


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