CGM Podcast Episode 19: Quiltspotting

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Show Notes!

Works in Progress:

  • Holiday sketches for future quilt or embroidery projects
  • Birdie Stitches BOM progress
  • Lemon Squares Quilt - I decided to put my big girl panties on and quilt it myself

What's Making Me Happy in Crafting:

  • Instagram!! If you have an iPhone I HIGHLY recommend this great photo app. I am using it to connect with other crafters, quilters, and knitters. You can instantly see photos of their works in progress, what's inspiring them that minute, and general fun stuff. It's like PhotoTwitter - lots of fun.
  • Quiltspotting: lately I've been seeing quilts everywhere on TV and in movies! From You've Got Mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, the classic Christmas movie Holiday Inn, The Walton's and Little House on the Prairie, quilts have been used behind the camera for years to evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort.
    • Where have you noticed quilts lately?
Book Review:

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Thanks for listening!



  1. I love that you're talking about Quiltspotting! I have been keeping a running list for a year or so, of movies and shows in which I see quilts. :-)

  2. New in Town with Renee Zellweger & Harry Connick Jr. also has quilts!

  3. Tanesha, I love some sci fi, especially the Liaden Universe books. This book sounds like a great recommendation. Thanks. Let us know how quilting Lemon Squares goes. I find quilting large quilts quite a work-out.

  4. Tanesha, after listening to this podcast I opened my instagram app and just love it! Im on block 1 on the birdie stitches so you are making great progress compared to me.

  5. I read this book a month or so ago and agree that it's really good. My son had the audio version and was playing it in the car one day, so I heard the beginning of the book. I had to put a hold on it at the library so I could read it!


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