CGM Podcast Episode #18: Hoop Dreams

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Show Notes:

  • Life Update - Maddy is 8 months old already! 4 teeth and sitting up, she's just as happy as can be. Samantha taught herself to hula hoop, and she's moved on to performance hooping, a la the You Tube videos I (mistakenly) showed her.
  • CGM got a day out all by herself (yaaaay!) to take a solo road trip up to the Pennsylvania Quilt Show in suburban Philadelphia recently. Here are just a few of the gorgeous quilts I saw there:

Dream Music by Jennifer Day

Friends by Dr. Susan Walen

Mon Petit Baltimore by Susie Wimer

That's How I Roll by Laura Borley

A Vision of Change I and II: MLK and the Civil Rights Movement
by Sauda A. Zahra

Te Timatanga by Ansa Breytenbach
(Te Timatanga are the Maori words for "the beginning",
the quiltmaker is from New Zealand)

incredible machine quilting!!

Aurora Florifeous by Helen Marshall
(this entire quilt top is all hand pieced!!!!)

Home is Manitoba Farm by Coreen Zerr & Phyllis Gagne

  • WIPs and a Finished Project:
    • I finished making Sam's corduroy jumper (see previous blog post for pics). This was my "comeback to sewing clothes " project. While I enjoyed it, I don't think it will become a regular occurence. I have a few future clothing items I'd like to try, but I'm taking it slow.
    • Lighthouse Quilt: ready to be squared up! If you'd like to hear/see more about how I take the time to square up my art quilts let me know in the comments.
    • Photo quilts: under the machine right now, but one of them is giving me "fits."
    • Just what I didn't need, a brand-new technique to add to my project load, but my Crafter's ADD got the better of me and I signed up for a Craftsy class online: Knit Socks workshop 
Book Reviews

Hope you're all doing well! Thanks again for listening and leaving a comment and/or revieew on iTunes.




    When I make a project and sew on the binding I take a square fold into a triangle then place it in all the corners. Once the binding is sewn into place and I go to hang my project I put dowels tucking them into the triangle corners. This helps the project hang better, keeping it square and giving me a way to hang the project on the wall.

    Little girl sewing:
    I use to love sewing little girl clothes till my daughter rebelled and refused to wearing them. She said they looked homemade. She also did not want to look different from the other kids.

    I used SEW BEAUTIFUL magazine to make lovely dresses for special occasions. Boy, do I miss those days. I do not even make Halloween costumes any more cause my daughter makes the those.

    Loved the book reviews...


  2. Tanesha- love, love, love your podcast! I listened to it while I was quilting my son's quilt- I always wish I could just comment as I'm listening- I always forget what I wanted to say by the time it's over!

    Little girl clothes- I hear ya! My "little" girl is 13 now- but she is also tall and I remember the same problem - moving into the older clothing sections when she was still little and the clothes being too "mature". I bought a lot of clothes from Land's End for that reason, even though we really couldn't afford it. I experienced the same thing when she moved out of the girls 4-12 section and into the adult section- since she was only about 11 then- so brace yourself!

    I would love to see a video on squaring up a quilt. I am always insecure about that- even though I've watched other videos on it.

    Also, in case you find you've got some time on your hands;) I would love it if you did some sort of small art quilt-a-long. I really want to try it, but just don't know where to start. I bet Frances would join too (right Frances?)

    I always love your book reviews- please keep them up!


  3. Dear Tanesha,

    Thank you, thank you for such a full and great podcast. You drove with me from Livermore, CA to - well somewhere down the 5. And a great, big, begging yes to video or at least discuss how to square-up!! I need this.

  4. P.S. - I just looked at your pictures from the show you went to. There is just NO end of talent is there? These quilts you posted were gorgeous. I especially like the MLK one, the New Zealand quilt, and the farm scene. Just a big, big WOW.

  5. Tanisha!
    We are in the SAME place with our kids! Oh my goodness! I was talking back to your podcast, saying "EXACTLY!" when you were talking about the size 6 clothes! Where are all the cute clothes? Let them be little! Don't make my baby wear this yuck.

    Try JCPenny! It has cute girl dresses. They really help. Macy's is the worst. LOL.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I am totally with you!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the podcast, Tanesha. Very moving book review! Did you see the movie, Life is Beautiful? I had a similar reaction with that...cried all the way home & thought about it for days. If you really want to get depressed read Night by Elie Wiesel. Well, now that I've uplifted us all, have a great week!

  7. @Nonnie: thanks for listening! I forgot about Sew Beautiful magazine, will need to check that out if it's still being published.

    @Kristin:thanks so much for listening and I'm glad you're enjoying the content and book reviews. I will give an art quilt-a-long some consideration, I hadn't thought of that.

  8. @Kate: Yes, I am just not happy with the selection this season and still want Sam to be in the toddler sizes. But even I had to admit a 5T jeans were still highwaters on here, lol. Thanks for the Penney's tip I will check them out.

    @Jane: yes I saw Life is Beautiful and cried my eyes out too. I was so happy when he won the Oscar, so well deserved. I truly felt for the wife in that movie though, making that choice to go but she was all alone...I did read Night many years ago, and it's another book I say everyone should read at least once so we never forget, but it haunts you for awhile afterwards. Thanks for listening!

  9. Hi Tanesha, I love your podcast and your book reviews. I would be very interested in learning how you square up your quilts. Honestly, it's something I know I'm supposed to do...but don't. Any tips you can give would be great.


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