WIP Wednesday!

I didn't have enough WIPs going (hah!) so of course I started a new one. This is my Lighthouse Quilt so far:

I fussy-cut the lighthouse from a panel of fabric I bought recently at Fabric Depot while I was in Portland, Oregon. Here is some detail of the lighthouse and the rocks below.


Not too bad, but I'm still playing around with it...this means it's still on my design wall and as I walk in and out of my studio I eyeball it to see if I still like what I've done so far. If I do, I leave it alone. If I don't, I gnash my teeth, pull my hair, cut a teeny-tiny piece of rock or ground cover fabric and glue stick it on to the scene somewhere. Then I walk away and do it all over again later. Eventually I will be happy with it and it will move on to the texturing phase.....more to come on that when I get there.

Here's what else I've been working on:

I just love these little birdies!

That's all folks. Check out Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday and link up your work too!

I am also linked up with Thearica at Pigtales & Quilts today, showing off my quilt studio. She has a fabulous blog, go check it out and link up your sewing space too!!



  1. Darling little birdie blocks! Interesting what you are doing with the light house! Are you from the Pacific NW?

  2. I love your little birdies. They are SO cute!

  3. The lighthouse project is inspiring me. Those birdies are darling!

  4. I'm in love with your lighthouse, and your embroidery is so cute! I'm jealous. :P Great work!

  5. That's looking good, Tanesha. How did you like Fabric Depot?

  6. Don't know how you do it! The lighthouse is lovely. The birdies are just darling. Can you tell me who posted the patterns. I do think you mentioned it in one of your podcasts, but I don't remember which episodes.


  7. Thanks ladies!!
    @Debbie: No, I just recently visited Portland for the first time. My first time in the Pacific NW too...really beautiful and I can't wait to go back in the future to explore more.
    @Jane: I LOOOVED Fabric Depot!! I could have stayed in there for hours and hours. Wow, what a great store, and the selection of quilt fabric was outstanding.
    @KnittyAJ: I got the Birdie Stitches patterns on the http://littlemissshabby.com blog

  8. Those snowmen and little birdie blocks are sew cute!!

    Thanks for the shout out about the linky studio party! :)

  9. loving the light house quilt but coming from MICHIGAN... state of hundreds of light houses ...why would I not... YOURs is lovely....I hope you talk about it on the podcast...

    We love hearing how you come up with the designs and ideas and the entire process.


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