Last-Minute Pirate Patch...aaaargh!

Five minutes before leaving for work this morning, husband says to me, "Do you have a kerchief or something pirate-related for Sam to wear? It's Pirate Week at school." This is what happens when Mom doesn't do a drop-off or pick-up at school for a few days.

Then Sam chimes in asking for a pirate patch so she "won't be the only one without a patch at school." Que sad-and-pitiful-me face. Sigh. These are the moments when a Mom pulls at her hair, shakes her fists at the heavens for last-minute requests, while at the same time thanking her lucky stars she sews and has a room full of fabric and thread to find something to "make it work."

Thankfully a pirate patch is a small and simple thing, even if you just picture it in your mind. So I pulled out some black felt and embroidery thread (I only had 5 minutes so green thread it would have to be) and quick-sewed this little patch together.

Sam loved it. I had to pat myself on the back for "making it work" after all!

And I loved it even more when we got to school and her teacher said, "Oh! We made pirate patches in class yesterday. Sam, didn't you tell your mom that?" Amazing how quickly Sam can run to play with her friends when Mom gives her the "you'll be walking the plank" look.....aaaargh!



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