I May Regret This Later....

I joined a gym this weekend.....

Planet Fitness has 24 hr. weekday hours, lots of cardio equipment, free personal training, and it's only $10/month after you register ($29 registration fee*). For the low price, and no commitment deal you don't get the "frills" of other gyms (no daycare, fluffy towels, classes, hot shirtless guy to rub your aching muscles....) but it will do the job if you show up.

I've been feeling pretty "unhealthy" lately...OK for the last year. I must admit I did not keep up with the fitness routine with the second pregnancy as I did with my first. I was happy to have only gained 18 pounds this time around vs. the 50 I know I should have gained based on my lack of exercise and love of the Taco Bell drive-thru. But once you get that "not exercising at all" ball rolling, it's hard to stop it. Then one day you find yourself at the top of your stairs holding an 18 pound baby and breathing as hard as a racehorse at the finish line of the Kentucky Derby. And then you realize you are breathing just as hard when you're NOT holding the 18 pound baby. Not a pretty site.

So in a nutshell, I've decided to do something about this flabby situation, and plunked down my (proverbial) $10 and commenced to working out. My legs were screaming after only 7 minutes on the cardio equipment, and I couldn't believe how few reps of the weight machines I could do with what I thought was a light weight. Eeeep! Oh well, baby steps and I am determined to push forward with this to better health....I only hope I can still lift my arms to sewing machine height after this!
Since it was dinner time by the time I left, I gave myself extra points for avoiding the place right next door:

Nice juxtaposition, huh? I wonder if anyone puts in their pizza order before they go workout, asking to have it ready in 30 minutes, LOL? That is SO something I would do in a pinch.

Does your gym have an "ironic" neighbor in the vicinity?


*$29 fee is what I paid at my gym, not sure about other locations. This is the "no frills/extras" deal of $29 registration, $10/month) Not a paid sponsorship, just keepin' it real!


  1. Congratulations on your decision, and I hope you stay w/ it. Baby steps are what it's about. I had no idea a gym could be so reasonable. You may have inspired me to look into some around here (and check for ironic partners!).

  2. How funny! I joined a gym about a month ago, promising myself to get back in shape and lose a few pounds. We don't have a pizza place next door (thank God!), but there are couple of nice restaurants across the street. Your story made me remember something I noticed years ago. We lived overseas for several years and then moved to TX. I noticed there was a pet store next to every chinese restaurant we drove by. pretty funny!

  3. Found your podcast a few weeks ago and have only got round to listening to it from the first episode. Also have been reading some past posts...Ironic neighbours? The small town where I live in England, there is a gym that is above a shop selling beds!?!


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