The Diversion Quilt

I mentioned this quilt on my podcast recently. It's what I call a Diversion Quilt. See, when I made a quilt for the new baby:

(Maddy at 6 months)

I then had to make a quilt for this baby:

(Samantha at 7 months - she's now 4 yrs old)

But I had not planned on making a new one for Samantha just yet. I was hoping to get a few more WIPs completed, try a few book and magazine projects and techniques that have caught my eye, paint my toenails, clean out my closet, do another load of laundry...you know, all the things that "need" to get done before I plan or start another quilt. But alas I get that sad face and a 4 year-old's demand for a quilt "now Mommy" to make it even-steven, and what's a mom with a guilty-conscience to do?

Hence the "Diversion Quilt" was born. Have you made one of these? You don't even have to be a Mom to have made one....maybe you heard a loved one "sigh" one time too many about you not having made them a quilt yet. So you sew a quickie quilt together to shut them up make them feel reassured about your love for them. You know it ain't your best work. You know when you have "more time" you'll really put your heart-and-soul into a phenomenal quilt for that person that will knock their socks off.

But you know what? During the process of making that Diversion Quilt, you just might see a few looks like this:

or when it's finally finished this:

and this.....

and you realize, it already does.



  1. Wow, that's a lot of princesses! And Sponge Bobs! But it turned out very nicely, and will make a great "wash and wear" quilt for her.

  2. Very cute! And I'm sure she will always cherish it (even if it's not one she'll take to college!). I remember the princess phase well. I blogged about quilts that are done and almost done for my 2 boys yesterday.

    Your girls are so cute- and gee- they don't look alike at all do they! ;)


  3. You made a special 4 year old girl feel even more special. Her new quilt couldn't be more perfect! Your girls are so cute!

  4. I love it when you post pics of your babies. The quilt is great, and while it may not be your best work to you, it's your best work to Samantha! :-)

  5. Great quilt! Gorgeous kids!


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