CGM Podcast Episode #15: Summer Wind-Down....

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Life update:
What's Making Me Happy in Crafting:
  • COLOURlovers website: create and "love" hundreds of color palettes to use in your quilts or other craft projects. Here are some examples, and you can print them off to take with you when you fabric shop...I am having a lot of fun on this site!

Book Reviews:

The Little Women Letters by Gabrielle Donnelly

Thanks so much for listening!



  1. Tanesha,
    Thanks for the heads up on Downton Abbey. We loved it. I will definitely be checking out Berkley Square to tide us over.

    And oh my stinkin' heck, didn't you just LOVE Fabric Depot? My daughter lives in Portland and I visit quite often. Fabric Depot is always on the top of my must go to list, along with an ever growing list of quilt shops.

    Love, love, love your podcast and the pictures of your babes.


  2. SORRY but I could not find your newest episode on either blip tv or iTunes. You did not load in either place boo hoo

    I am so looking forward to a new pdcast.

  3. @Nonnie, sorry about that! There was a "blip" on BlipTv upload..it should be there now!
    @Sue:Yes I would stay broke if I had a Fabric Depot near me, LOL. What a great store. Thanks for listening!!

  4. I just wanted to pop by and say a big thank you for your book reviews. I am currently enjoying 'Clara and Mr Tiffany' - am also looking forward to getting my hands on the Little Women Letters as I loved the original books. I must admit I haven't listened to this episode yet but my itunes is downloading as I type. C x

  5. Listening to your podcast as I type. Just signed up for "Colour Lovers". Thanks for sharing the link. Great place to find colors that will work in all my crafty endeavors. I am "AJ2" on color lovers.


  6. @quiltercaroline: thanks so much for listening and I'm glad you're enjoying the book reviews.

    @KnittyAJ: I will look you up on Coliurlovers -it's my new fav. place! I like your blog btw...great job!

  7. Tanesha, I just love your podcasts and especially appreciate your book reviews and insights (insider knowledge!) to what is happening in bookland. I downloaded The Little Women Letters and am enjoying it and joined Netflix so that I can watch Berkeley Square! Thanks for your hard work podcasting,


  8. KellyV, thanks so much for listening! Come back and let me know what you think of Berkley Square. I'm almost done with it and wish they had made more episodes! I think I'm going to start watching The Buccaneers next.

  9. Hi Tanesha, Thanks for the mention on your podcast. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Portland, and that you found some good places to eat. VooDoo is legend around here, and was very popular with attendees at Sock Summit.

    I am to the point where I mostly buy what I need at Fabric Depot. Knowing it is there if I need something takes the impulse urge out of shopping. They do have an area of precuts behind the cash registers, but the place is so big, I'm not surprised you missed it.

    Regarding the "interesting" people around town: the Freedom of Speech is even more all-encompassing in the Oregon state constitution than in the US Constitution, so regulation of activities like sleeping on the sidewalk, or any kind of "adult" entertainment is really difficult, as it is all defended as being personal expression.

    Thanks for the book and movie suggestions.


  10. definately going to check out the Little Women letters. Little Women is my favorite book so i know I will enjoy this. Man, I would be in so much trouble If I ever make it to the Fabric Depot! Thanks for mentioning that and thanks for your podcast! Its always fab.


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