WIP Wednesday!

I've decided I'm going to shamelessly copy the way other quilt bloggers summarize their WIP stats and list mine here as well....what's good for the goose and all....

Still working on the Diversion Quilt:

Yes, it's very scrappy which tends to happen when you let a 4 year-old girl loose in the pink/purple/princess fabrics in JoAnns. I had to fussy cut the princesses ("Tiana and Ariel of course Mommy!") 4.5" squares and ran short by about 6 princesses....so back to JoAnn's I go today.

Completed tops awaiting quilting or binding:

Bloomin' Nine Patch: I think I'll just bite the bullet and let a longarmer quilt this one.
Jinny Beyer project: this WIP is so old I don't even remember the name of it!
Peaches quilt: another old WIP. I will quilt this one myself...I think.

Ongoing projects:

Birdie Stitches Block of the Month: I can't believe I am STILL working on the first block. This is one of those projects you think will be a breeze to get through, and then life and every other thing seems to keep you from doing it.

No progress made on:
Photo quilt - photos selected
Landscape quilt - deciding between a beach or garden scene
Burp cloths - need to make some new ones for our use plus have some on hand as gifts for several babies due later this year/early 2012.

This week's stats:
New Projects: 0
Currently in progress: 8
Completed projects: 0

I have posted this on the Freshly Pieced blog at WIP Wednesday.Check it out, it is a fabulous blog with a lot of inspiration to be found.


Hope you're having a great week! Don't forget to enter the BOOK GIVEAWAY  by leaving a comment under Podcast episode #13 by 7/22!



  1. For someone who has a lot going on, you are keeping up pretty well. Just doing a blog post when you have two girls the ages of yours is HUGE! So, don't tally up your not-dones, add up your dones.

    Pink and purple will make a great quilt--and she'll love it even more because you made it. Bravo!

    Elizabeth E.

  2. Hey Tanesha! Just discovered your podcast and I love it. Especially love the book stuff...I'm a serious book geek :) Love your work and love your blogging style! Looking forward to chatting more :)

  3. I love it, bright colors and all! Perfect for a little princess.


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