WIP Wednesday + 6 Month Milestone

How Time Flies!
Hard to believe 6 months has already passed! Here Maddy is at 2 weeks old, barely 5 pounds.

Here she is with her Big Sis at 6 months old as of today:

We go for her checkup next week, but I'm betting she's at least a 17 pounder by now.

I can remember anxiously visiting her in the NICU everyday and how even the preemie clothes were too big at first. Now she's already in 9 month clothes and her toes are poking at the seams in the footie pj's!

On to some WIPs:

Still working on: Diversion Quilt...blocks are sewn together. I ran out of fabric for the border...that happens when you "eyeball" how much fabric you'll need AND the future owner of the quilt (a precocious 4 year-old) keeps adding new Princess fabrics she "must" have in it.

Sorry for the lousy picture, the lighting was terrible when I took it after work yesterday.
I will try and take a better one during the day.

Ongoing projects:
Birdie Stitches Block of the Month: I finished the first block!

No progress made on:
Photo quilt - photos selected
Landscape quilt - deciding between a beach or garden scene

Pop on over to Freshly Pieced to see what everyone else is up to this week!

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  1. you're little girls are precious - and so is the birdie block :) Found you on WIP!

  2. Your girls' pictures made me smile. :D So adorable. and I'm *Loving* Diversions quilt! It's awesome. AND - I'm smiling at your Birdie block. I've got this project on my wish list, but I have too much going on right now to start it. Hopefully I will do my first block before 2011 is out! (Sure would love to have you join the BOMs AWAY Monday linkups when you get your next block finished - http://whatahootquilts.blogspot.com/search/label/BOMs%20Away)

  3. Your girls are both beautiful! I am really happy that they are both well now and thriving. Your stitchery is lovely - I look forward to seeing more. C

  4. Love your birdie stitches, and your children are lovely!

  5. The girls are so cute! Your Diversion Quilt is perfect. I have 2 granddaughters who would love this quilt so I know Samantha is very excited about it. The Birdie Block is really cute too! So much fun!


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