Past Quilt #5: Spring

This is a quilt I made about 7 years ago as part of a "Seasons" challenge in my guild. I used a Hoffman Bali batik as the background and the tress are also a batik print.

The leaves are from my vast collection of leaf prints, and I fussy-cut around them, keeping the edges jagged. this is key to making your leaves look "real"...no lollipop or cloud shapes when you cut your leaves. To give the scene a focal point I added a little tree with blooming flowers in the foreground.

The ground cover is layer upon layer of mossy-green print fabrics with some small splotches of flowers (again, fussy-cut) to give more visual interest to the landscape.

This Spring scene came together rather quickly. I framed it with a mitered wood-panel print to make it look like a picture in a frame.

It hangs in my entryway and is a cheery welcome to our home.



  1. Hi Tanesha! I just found your podcast on iTunes, and just finished the first episode. I just wanted to say how SUPER GLAD I am that your blog is still going! I totally feel like we're chatting at a playdate or something. :) I'm on my phone, wrestling a 1 year old so that's all I'll say for now, but you're an inspiration and I'll be back! Thanks for being awesome!


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