WIP Wednesday + A Tooth Fairy Question....

Finished Snuggly Squares baby quilt top!

Isn't it purdy? I was all set to finish this one until I realized I had nothing for the backing! I tend to buy batiks, hand dyes, and motif prints in small amounts for my landscape quilts, so when I make a different style of quilt, I never have enough backing fabric. I'd like to find this same line of fabric and buy the required 1 1/4 yds. needed, but none of my local quilt/fabric stores carry it anymore, and even the online shops are proving hard to find. Oh well, it's a simple enough motif for a baby girl I am sure I'll find something!

I'm working on a tooth fairy pillow for Samantha...she already lost her first tooth last weekend! There is another loose tooth about to fall out, so I definitely want to finish this one so she can put her tooth in it. By the way, what's the going rate on teeth these days? We gave Sam a $1 bill because A. she's four and who the heck knew a four year-old would be losing teeth already?!?! I thought I had at least until Kindergarten (next year). and B. we're cheap and the $20 bills we've heard people give their kids just sounded ridiculous to us...she doesn't even know what to do with the $1 bill except to put it in her piggy bank.

How much does the tooth fairy leave behind in your house?



  1. We leave a dollar a tooth, but sometimes it's in quarters for a "big" tooth because that seems like more (for a 6 year old anyway).

  2. I liked to leave the golden dollar coins for my boys. They loved them! Like pirate treasure, you know.

  3. We actually left small presents like markers or coloring books or small plastic toys. Some of our daughters' friends got $5 a tooth and I didn't want to compete. Plastic jewelry was another big hit.

  4. Now, my kids are grown, but we gave them a quarter, unless there was trauma involved (eg the dentist pulled them, which happened to my son, whose teeth wuold just not fall out!)

    If I had a kid now, I'd say a dollar would be good enough.

    A tooth fairy pillow is a good idea - it is really hard to find that tooth under the pillow in the dark!

  5. The golden dollar coins. (same as Bonnie C.) I bought two rolls at the bank years ago and always had them on hand when a tooth suddenly made it's escape without much notice. The boys love them (they are 15 & 13 now) and still have their $1 golden coins.

  6. We decided to give "treasures." Usually a pretty polished rock or something like that. We enjoyed shopping at the rock shop and got lots of ideas there. Tami in Denver


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