What I'm Reading This Month

Total "fluff" reading for me this month!

...except for this one:

Ever since I got my first child to go to sleep using this method, I've sworn by it and recommended it to anyone who asked me about ways to get their baby to sleep. As I write this blog post we're on Day 1/Night 1 of the method and boy, it's HAAAAARD. But having been through it (4 years ago!) I know that it gets easier everyday, and I don't think I've heard anyone say it took them more than 7 days to have their baby (must be at least 4 months old) going to sleep within 10 minutes of being laid down.

I love Julia Quinn's romance novels. They're very witty and I like that she manages to write a strong and funny female character during a period in history where young unmarried women didn't have much say in...well, much LOL.

I've had an advance copy of this for several weeks now, but only just getting the time to pick this one up. I really enjoy this series, and can't wait to see what Marie has in store for our Cobbled Court friends!

I absolutely love the Stephanie Plum series and can't wait until this one comes out on June 21st. Yes, even "I" have to wait for the real one to come out because they're so popular very few, if any, advance copies are given out, so no one spoils it by leaking what happens. These are super-quick reads, laugh-out-loud hilarious in some parts, and the characters/setting make you want to drive to Jersey just to see if it's possible they exist....but if you've watched even 5 minutes of Jersey Shore or Jerseylicious you'll know Janet Evanovich had some Jersey natives pegged long before those shows started airing the state's "dirty laundry" LOL.

That's it! Like I said, this is a "fluffier" month of reading for me, knowing I have a lot of Fall advance reads to get through in the coming months. What are you reading this month?


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