Vintage Sheets....my new obsession!

I have fallen in love (all over again) with vintage sheets. I'm a little nervous because I may have mentioned about a previous obsession many years ago (10-12) with vintage linens in general and my subsequent 18 large tubs filled to the brim with them. I eventually let all but 1 tub go in several garage sales, eBay, donations, and generally begging anyone who came over to take some linens with them as they left.

Now I am back to scouting out every Salvation Army, Goodwill, and thrift shop in a 20-30 mile radius just so I can dash in and see if they have any good vintage sheets.

I may need an intervention soon......


  1. How "vintage" are these sheets? Some of them look like sheets I still use!

  2. If I remember correctly, Jean over at Quilter's Cupcake also has the same obsession. You two should talk!

    Chester, NY

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