Quilt Show Eye Candy

I got to venture out on my own last weekend and attend the regional quilt show in my area. It is hosted by the Quilters Unlimited Guild of Northern Virginia every year, and they do a fantastic job.

I amazed myself by not purchasing a whole lot other than a small wall hanging kit for Fall I think I'll make for my Mom (it's her style) and 12 small bundles of hand-dyed wool felt I could not resist. They came in colors I've NEVER seen wool felt in before, and it was one of those purchases you make saying to yourself the whole time, "I have no idea what I'll make with this, I shouldn't even be buying this, but I want it, so shut up "self" and hand over the Visa."

There were a lot of beautiful quilts hung with care. Some were hung a little too high for my liking - I prefer them all to be at eye level so you can see both the front and back if you want, as well as to be able to get really close up to the quilt to see the quilting. In spite of that, I was able to take some photos of my favorites, but unfortunately only my iPhone camera would work! So these aren't the highest quality photos you'd expect on a blog, but I wanted to share them with you anyways.

Log Cabin CC by Betty Ratliff    

Bloomers by Ann Weber   Quilting by JoAnn Hoffman

Secret Gardeners by Susan Bynum

We're Off to See the Wizard by Diane Cairns

It's Not Easy Being Green by Cindy Foster

Cinco de Mayo, But the Spin Stops Here by Jeanne Sclater
Quilting by Elaine Stemetski

Walking in a Winter Wonderland by Betty Ratliff
Quilting by Christy Dillon

Bridal Flowers by Linda Cooper

A Bevy of Beautiful Bouquets by Pat Dews   Quilting by Elaine Stemetzki

Meandering Yarn by Cathron Birge

Classic Halloween by Janet Palfey

Unfortunately this one was hung too high for me to see the label....isn't it gorgeous though?

So was this one...another of my fav's!

There was also a "Brazilly" art-bra exhibit I found charming:

There were, of course, many more beautiful quilts. Hope you enjoyed this little bit of "eye candy" and have a great week!



  1. I was there on Friday. Met Pat Sloan and Marie Bostwick. There were a lot of beautiful quilts. BTW, I am a member of QU, but didn't have a quilt in the show.....

  2. @KnittyAJ: I wish I could have gone on Friday! I hear Pat Sloan is delightful, and I love Marie's books.

  3. thanks for all the pics. I love these quilts and your iPhone camera is way better than the one on my blackberry.

  4. Is there a pattern for Bloomers? And, did you do fusible applique or are these flowers needle turn applique? Love them.


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