Baby Quilt in a Weekend!

I bought the Very Hungry Caterpillar panel and fabric a few weeks ago when I was in St. Michaels, MD. At the time I had "grand plans" to make a baby quilt as a shower gift for a friend. Boy does time go by fast because I looked up earlier this week and realized that the shower was THIS WEEKEND! I'm sure you don't need to ask if I had even started on the "grand plans baby quilt gift"....nope, the whole set was sadly still in the bag!

On Friday afternoon I took the panel and fabrics out of the bag and studied them carefully. I mentally laid out a simply 4 block quilt that used the panels and the cute print of the fabric to the best advantage - visually for the observer, and time-wise for me. Then I started cutting. I was under a time crunch (baby shower was on Sunday at 3 pm) so I did not take pictures along the way, but here is the end result:

The back:

I even added a tiny piece of the print to the label:

Cute huh? And so easy! I was finished with the whole thing by 12 am Sunday morning, and that's with diaper changes, feedings, playtime, a trip to the carnival included! One thing that I will note is I used Heather's (Olive and Ollie blog) tutorial on binding with your machine: fan-tas-TIC! This also helped speed the process up so much - no hand sewing on that dang binding!!

I am a little envious of another baby getting this playmat-size quilt, so I couldn't resist laying Maddy down on it and "pretending" it was hers for a moment, LOL.

She likes it so I'm off to buy another panel and put this on my "to do' list.......hopefully before she's entering college!

What craftiness did you get into this weekend?



  1. What a perfect use of that pane!

  2. The quilt was adorable until I got to the baby...she's so cute!

  3. The quilt is beautiful! The way you laid it out tells the story.
    It is obvious that your daughter loves it, too.


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