Episode 9: Step Away From the Quilt

In this episode I fill you in on my return-to-work, quilts I'm working on including the Home in the Woods quilt that's giving me fits, and a fun purchase I made to help me learn how to use my digital camera better. Of course some book reviews: 2 books of non-fiction, and a quilting book review with a giveaway! Be sure to enter by May 20, 2011 at my blog: http://craftygardenmom.blogspot.com and leave a comment in the show notes to enter. Also, you can reach me at taneshaquilts@yahoo.com with questions and if you feel so inclined, leave a review on iTunes. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Yes you are on my GOOGLE READER....I have just upgraded to INTERNET EXPLORE 9- and it is making a hash of my google / g mail. I also find it is hard to post comments/ or subscribe. I am thinking of disabling IE.

    I took a look at the book while at JoAnn Fabrics and it had some cute projects.

    I am trying to download your podcast at this time and of course the internet is slower than snails .... looking forward to listening when I sew this afternoon.



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