Episode 10: Mommy Saw Jesus Christ!

OK this is not a religious episode, but I did have to share a funny mommyhood moment with you that does have to do with me (supposedly) seeing the big J.C....after using his name in an inappropriate way of course. I also give a quick update on why this podcast was supposed to be short, but you know how I ramble so it's only 15 minutes shorter than others. WIPs, book giveaway winner, and review of not-to-be-missed series The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Thanks for listening! Reach me at http://craftygardenmom.blogspot.com or taneshaquilts@yahoo.com Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Thank you Tanesha for your nice comments. I do like to let the pod-casters know someone is listening. It is hard to pod-cast if you think you are talking to air. Pod-casting is a conversation so we need the comments to keep us going.

    I love your kid stories they are so like what I experience with my grandson. They are such little parrots and then they have their own understanding of the world.

    Hope you had a good time on your trip and I agree with you about being a independent shopper. My DH goes fishing instead of golf but it is nice that he does what he likes so I can do what I like. Then you get together and share activities you both enjoy.


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  2. Hello Tanesha,
    I've been enjoying your podcasts. I haven't listened to this one yet, but I wanted to comment right now after seeing you blog post, before I forget (which is what happens when I wait until after the podcast). I'm heading to a quilt show tomorrow & I love listening to podcasts on the drive.

    Keep podcasting!!

    Chester, NY

  3. I especially wanted to leave a comment after hearing you review the Hunger Games trilogy. I enjoyed it too. What I found fascinating, is that the base of the story goes back, at its root, to the old Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. http://www.pantheon.org/articles/m/minotaur.html There are a lot of differences, because she updated it to comment on the current culture, but it is still a story of young tributes sent to their death. Fascinating how the old stories keep coming back.

    I enjoy your podcast, especially one that is so near to me -- I live on the VA side of DC.

  4. Your Samantha makes me laugh. Thanks for that great story! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary, and a restful break.

  5. OMG - Tenesha that is the funniest kid story. I was driving when listing to your podcast and almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard. My husband even cracked up when I told him your story later. What are we going to do with our little girls... :-)

    Safe travels! Looking forward to your next podcast.

  6. Thanks for everyone's comments! Yes kids keep us laughing don't they? One of the perks of parenthood is how the littlest things they say or do can be so funny - especially when you're pulling your hair out the other half of the time, LOL. I am glad to hear you're all enjoying the podcast. New episode coming this week! :-)

  7. Just listened and oh my gosh, I could not hold in the laughter (at work). Cracking up. This reminds me of what I recently found out from my husband and now 16 year old daughter. When she was little (say about 3 or 4) and he would pick her up from daycare she asked “what did the red triangle button on the dashboard mean”, he said “oh when you push it the car will raise off the ground and we can fly, but we only do it in….emergencies" (do you get the button I am talking about). Well this went on and on for a couple of years and finally the last year of daycare before going to kindergarten they were driving along and someone tapped the car from behind and my husband pushed the "only use in emergency button" without thinking and she saw him. Before he got out of the car, he turned to ask her if she was okay and he was surprised that her face and body was tensed up, he thought she was paralyzed or in shock from the car hitting them. He said “what’s wrong” tell me…..she said nothing I am so excited because the car will start to fly daddy, fly. He had to control himself so that he could handle the situation with the other driver, but when he got back in the car he saw that she was sad because nothing happened. He then told her “it only works when the car is turned on”. I don’t think his response worked after that. Tooooooo funny. This only reminds us to watch what we say to our children as they have a better memory than we do. HA HA.


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