Redwork Quilt Progression

So my little redwork quilt is coming along nicely. I finished the embroidery yesterday, and moved on to fabric selection. Lucky for me red is my favorite color, so I happen to have a lot of red fabric on hand.

Close-up of the finished redwork piece.

Fabric selection.

Then I cut them into 2 1/2 inch strips and chain pieced them together.

Here's where I am at now.

I sewed a 1 inch border around the redwork piece.
Then randomly pieced the strips together to form a scrappy patchwork border.
So far I've sewed on the 2 long sides. The baby started crying, putting my heavenly (and rare) 90 minutes of sewing time to an end. So I will finish the top and hopefully get her sandwiched and basted tomorrow!


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  1. i am amazed at how much you get done with two small children at home! The quilt is looking fab.


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