Progress on my UFOs!

Well, the good part about being sick but able to quilt is that I actually made significant progress on several UFOs!

This is a Jinny Beyer quilt pattern/kit, the only one of hers I ever dared to try. I am more than a little embarrassed she has now retired and I bought the kit many years ago when she was in the "peak" of her popularity/quilt career. I just finished piecing the top and am still deciding how I want to quilt it - maybe some scroll motifs in the open black spaces and stitch-in-the-ditch around the color bars?

This was the fun result of playing around with several different African prints I had in my stash. I fussy cut the 2 women with pots on their head, and made the mask template myself. The detailed stitching with gold metallic thread on the mask is just using some of the 100+ stitches that my machine can do.
Here's a closeup:



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