Since I had what I am calling the "walking plague" (laryngitis, pink eye in both eyes) this past week, I've been avoiding my family as much as possible by holing up in my quilt studio. This has allowed me extra time to "play" and I pulled out my Cricut Expression to give cutting some applique shapes a try. I followed this YouTube tutorial and it worked pretty well on most of the shapes I cut. The blade does drag on the fabric when going against the grain, but I was able to trim those frayed edges with my scissors. It also makes cleaner cuts on larger appliques with less detailed nooks-and-crannies than the smaller, more detailed ones.

Here's a mug rug top I made using the Straight From the Nest cartridge.

I'm in the process of embroidering "Welcome Spring" as the caption. Since the weather went from 65 degrees last week to 45 degrees today, here's hoping the caption will really come true!


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