CGM Podcast Episode #5: Seeing Red

Show notes:

Listen to the episode here: Episode #5

What I'm working on:

Red-and-White Doll/Mini Quilt Swap. My idea is to incorporate redwork embroidery into my mini quilt. I pulled several free patterns from this website: Free Quilt Patterns

Here is my work in progress (WIP):

Making me happy in craftworldWileycraft.com
Check out the FREE patterns on the Projects & Patterns page, especially the Market bag - cuuuute!

Books discussed:

Doodleicious by Tracy Hare
Jam packed with doodle "starters" to boost your creativity and generate ideas.
I have had several ideas for future mini quilt projects, like this one:

Very fun, sexy contemporary romance by one of my favorite authors of this genre.

Thanks again for listening! Happy Crafting.



  1. YOU were wondering why craft books do not sell in the airport shops.... When I travel I pack tons of quilt magazines and books that I do not get to read when I am at home. I have usually already bought and stashed my magazines for reading before I hit the airport. Quilt and craft magazines are easy for me to get at the neighborhood grocery store, at JoAnn's etc.

    For me since I live in the middle of the country / rural area it is over 30 miles to a book store. I rarely get the chance to drive out to just sit a while and look at books to buy. That is why I personally often get a reading book at the airport... the newest release by my favorite authors is what I look for.... JD Robb, Kathy Rieche, Jayne Ann Krentz et all, and recently I started reading Tess Gerritsen.... Yes I love Bones, CSI style thrillers and murder mysteries.

    Keep up the great podcasts... love listening to them.


    Nonnie's Quilting Dreams

    Pod cast about quilting, life, rants and raves


  2. Thanks for the comments about craft book/mag purchases in airports Nonnie, it's what I had suspected.
    Tess Gerritsen is a great writer, and JD Robb's (Nora Roberts) "in death" series is one of my favorites...but dang I wish Eve and Roarke would either have a baby or be "forced" by circumstances into adopting an older kid...change things up a bit for them, you know? Thanks again for commenting and listening! I am really enjoying your podcast too.

  3. Hi Tanesha

    I just found out about your podcast on Saturday, and I've already listened to 3 1/2 of them! I'm really enjoying them. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Looking forward to keeping up with your life and your quilting.

  4. Love your segment "what's making me happy". I think the Doodleicious (weird spelling!) book is a great idea and a good way to spark your creativity. You might also take a look at my Creative Prompt Project over at: http://artquiltmaker.com/blog/aq-prompts/ . I'd love to have you post some responses.

    I also have a quilt called Seeing Red, which you can see at: http://artquiltmaker.com/blog/2005/07/seeing-red/

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