Past Quilt #1: Under the Sea

Over the next few weeks I will post some of my completed quilts that hang in my home, or possibly in a family member's home, and give a little back story to how I made it.

This is one of my favorite quilts. I made it about 8 years ago, and it hangs in our home office. It was relatively simple to make - various hand-dyed and batik 6 inch squares in varying shades of blue. I hung them on my design wall and played with the layout before sewing all of the squares together. I felt the water needed a little "oomph" so I layered a few larger squares of iridescent tulle on top to give the quilt some shimmer.

Then I fussy-cut fish and seashells from several different fabrics and fused them to the quilt top.

I made the seaweed by cutting long strands of brown and green hand dyed fabrics and glued them on top of and behind the fish and seashells to look natural.

I also wanted to include a little "whimsy" to this piece, hence the bottom of the fishing boat, and an oar at the very top of the quilt.

Finally, after free motion quilting the whole piece, I added some blue iridescent beads to look like some of the fish were blowing bubbles in the water.

And that's my "Under the Sea" art quilt. Let me know what you think!



Progress on my UFOs!

Well, the good part about being sick but able to quilt is that I actually made significant progress on several UFOs!

This is a Jinny Beyer quilt pattern/kit, the only one of hers I ever dared to try. I am more than a little embarrassed she has now retired and I bought the kit many years ago when she was in the "peak" of her popularity/quilt career. I just finished piecing the top and am still deciding how I want to quilt it - maybe some scroll motifs in the open black spaces and stitch-in-the-ditch around the color bars?

This was the fun result of playing around with several different African prints I had in my stash. I fussy cut the 2 women with pots on their head, and made the mask template myself. The detailed stitching with gold metallic thread on the mask is just using some of the 100+ stitches that my machine can do.
Here's a closeup:




Since I had what I am calling the "walking plague" (laryngitis, pink eye in both eyes) this past week, I've been avoiding my family as much as possible by holing up in my quilt studio. This has allowed me extra time to "play" and I pulled out my Cricut Expression to give cutting some applique shapes a try. I followed this YouTube tutorial and it worked pretty well on most of the shapes I cut. The blade does drag on the fabric when going against the grain, but I was able to trim those frayed edges with my scissors. It also makes cleaner cuts on larger appliques with less detailed nooks-and-crannies than the smaller, more detailed ones.

Here's a mug rug top I made using the Straight From the Nest cartridge.

I'm in the process of embroidering "Welcome Spring" as the caption. Since the weather went from 65 degrees last week to 45 degrees today, here's hoping the caption will really come true!



Have you voted?!?!

I just learned about the 2011 Golden Quilter Awards and think it's a great way to honor some fabulous contributors to this wonderful craft. I recognized so many of the nominees, and it was very hard to choose a favorite. Have you voted yet? If not, HURRY! Voting ends March 31st! And there are fabulous giveaway prizes when you do vote just by leaving yours as a comment at the bottom of the page.

Go vote!



Finished Redwork Quilt

Here is my little redwork "doll" quilt for my March swap partner. I think it turned out really cute!

Here is the back (I had some extra patchwork squares!)

My voice is slowly coming back and you can actually hear me, but now I sound like a sex-phone operator, LOL...although my husband kind of likes it, hah!




My mantra this week?

Laryngitis + Conjunctivitis  = 1Hotmessitis!

Add a newborn and a precocious 4 yr old in the mix and it's a 3 ring circus around here....Fortunately all of the above ailments are only had by me, everyone else is healthy as can be. Lucky for me since I am trying not to spread my pink eye germs around, I've been holed up in my quilt studio sewing away most of the week. I finished the redwork quilt and will post pics of it soon.



Redwork Quilt Progression

So my little redwork quilt is coming along nicely. I finished the embroidery yesterday, and moved on to fabric selection. Lucky for me red is my favorite color, so I happen to have a lot of red fabric on hand.

Close-up of the finished redwork piece.

Fabric selection.

Then I cut them into 2 1/2 inch strips and chain pieced them together.

Here's where I am at now.

I sewed a 1 inch border around the redwork piece.
Then randomly pieced the strips together to form a scrappy patchwork border.
So far I've sewed on the 2 long sides. The baby started crying, putting my heavenly (and rare) 90 minutes of sewing time to an end. So I will finish the top and hopefully get her sandwiched and basted tomorrow!



CGM Podcast Episode #5: Seeing Red

Show notes:

Listen to the episode here: Episode #5

What I'm working on:

Red-and-White Doll/Mini Quilt Swap. My idea is to incorporate redwork embroidery into my mini quilt. I pulled several free patterns from this website: Free Quilt Patterns

Here is my work in progress (WIP):

Making me happy in craftworldWileycraft.com
Check out the FREE patterns on the Projects & Patterns page, especially the Market bag - cuuuute!

Books discussed:

Doodleicious by Tracy Hare
Jam packed with doodle "starters" to boost your creativity and generate ideas.
I have had several ideas for future mini quilt projects, like this one:

Very fun, sexy contemporary romance by one of my favorite authors of this genre.

Thanks again for listening! Happy Crafting.


Episode 5: Seeing Red

Redwork Embroidery in quilts, book reviews, and a baby update - yes, I AM getting a little sleep in these days, hallelujah. Thanks for listening!


What I'm Reading This Month

on sale April 12, 2011 - I am reading an advance copy

An ambitious month of reading for me, I know. Well, sitting around with a newborn breastfeeding I can't exactly sew at my machine at the same time, and I don't really like daytime TV. So reading or listening to podcasts is about the only thing I do other than stare at Maddy's adorable face.

What are you reading this month?

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