Crazy Christmas!

Phew! I don't know about you but Christmas poops me out. Between getting the holiday pictures taken, sending holidays cards and the gifts to far away family, the cookies, the candies, the shopping, the wrapping....all that plus being 7 months pregnant and it can all make me feel like a 2 year-old who has had too much stimulation and throws a suitable temper tantrum then passes out from sheer exhaustion.

That being said, we had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Sam got us up at 7 am and she had forgotten about Santa, taking her time to snuggle with us under the covers, brush her teeth, etc... then all of a sudden it was like a light bulb went off in her head and "Oh wow! Santa came!" Then she was ready to rush downstairs to see what he'd brought her. She zeroed in on her most-requested gift, Baby All-Gone. For the rest of the day no gift was as appreciated or played with as that Baby All-Gone. Her best feature (according to Sam) is when she burps...never-ending peals of laughter. Who says only boys find gross bodily functions funny?

Around lunchtime we got dressed, packed up and went to my parent's house, leaving the wrapping paper-and-empty boxes bomb that exploded in our family room for today's clean-up. More gifts, more food, more showing off Baby All-Gone at Nana and Grandpa's house. Then we drove to my cousin's house for a huge Christmas feast with family and friends. We got home late, and Sam went to bed without a twitch, she was so exhausted from such a stimulating and fun day.

December 26th is "traditionally" a clean-up day in my home..there is just something in me that says, "OK, Christmas is over, time to get all the trash out, the dead tree in my family room on the curb, and the decorations stored away for another year." So we've spent the morning doing just that and my husband just shakes his head at how quickly I am ready to take it all down.  Aaah, holiday traditions LOL. Now off to rest and watch a movie. If I wasn't pregnant some kind of alcoholic beverage to "toast" the end of the season would be included. This year I'll toast with hot chocolate.

Happy Un-Christmas!

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