CGM Podcast episode 1

Well I've taken the plunge into podcasting! Come have a listen here: Episode 1

Show notes:

Introduction/a little about me

My blog: craftygardenmom.blogspot.com
Podcast purpose: to talk about quilting, knitting, general crafts and everyday life as a crafty mom

What’s making me happy: podcasts like Sew-Stitch-Create, Within a Quarter Inch, Stash Resolution, Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski, Knitmore Girls, Knit Wits, NPR Fresh Air, NPR books, NPR Culturetopia
Seamed Up – can you say anticipation?!?!

I mentioned Libby Lehman and her fantastic book, Threadplay. Unfortunately it looks like it's out of print, but you can pick a used copy up on Amazon for $10-$15 (as of 12/17/10). Well worth it!!!

Threadplay With Libby Lehman: Mastering Machine Embroidery Techniques
What I’m reading: advance reading copy (ARC) of Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult. Releases 3/1/2011

What I’m going to get done: wrap gifts, clean my fridge, work on UFOs

Wow, I was able to fill a whole hour with my blather! Thanks so much for taking the time to listen. Please leave a comment or review on iTunes and let me know what you think (be gentle please!) I apologize in advance for all of the "ummms" Good grief, you never know how often you say that until you listen to yourself. I promise to make a conscious effort to reduce those "ummms" in future episodes.

Happy holidays!

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  1. I just listened to your first podcast and look forward to listening to the next four! Good work!


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