All I Want for Christmas is....

Some cute and handy gift ideas for the crafty friend in your life (most are from my favorite site for handmade gifts: Etsy!

Amy Butler patterns..I mean, who doesn't drool for these? So adorable and most are pretty simple to do. Picking out the fabric is the hardest part!


Buy them here: Swell Cloth

Spa Goddess Sugar Scrubs...yummmm, and she's offering a travel-size set of 5 where you pick the scents/flavors!

Buy them here: Etsy

Dandelion Pillow by MaDahms on Etsy...so adorable, fresh, and modern. I love this embroidered pillow for it's beauty and simplicity.

But it here: Etsy

Ultimate Quilt Binding Tool...I am dying to try this little gadget out to machine bind my quilts. While a lot of people like hand-sewing the binding on to the backing, I do not find this part of the finishing process fun at all. I much prefer to piece and quilt and then just be done with it so I can display or use the quilt. I am so hopeful this tool works since it sews both sides of the binding on simultaneously...heaven!

But it here: Nancy's Notions

Family Necklace..I have one of these with 1 child, but now that baby girl #2 is on her way, I definitely need to get a new one!

Buy it here: Red Envelope

Night Before Christmas Activity Kit..this one you'll need to get before the big day of course, but I couldn't resist adding it in, it's such a good idea. Now really, you could make one of these "kits" yourself, but it's packaged so nicely here I figured I'd spend my time doing all of the other things leading up to Christmas, and let this take care of itself.

But it here: Red Envelope

Herb Snips..so cute and handy for snipping those small pieces of herbs from your garden or containers outside your window.

Buy them here: Burpee

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  1. Have you tried this binding tool? I too hate stitching binding to the back of the quilt. For projects that aren't going to possibly ever be in a show or given as a special gift I always machine the binding down on both sides. Would be nice to have a tool that does it all in one pass though.


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