Where the heck has the time gone?

Sometimes you only have a few minutes to do anything: get dressed, make a meal, pee, clean the bathroom, work on a craft....and it's all you can do to catch your breath and figure out what's next on the to-do list or decide what you really want to do is sit down with a bowl of ice cream and the remote control in hand to catch up on your Tivo'd shows.

The last few months have been a constant stream of that kind of time availability - a few minutes here, a few there, but no "real" time to sit and make true progress on anything, including blogging. Work has been absolutely crazy, and the only thing that's helping me slow down is the fact that my advancing pregnancy is forcing me to take it easy. Between work and family, it's all I can do to get up, shower, get dressed, and drag my behind around to where I need to be each day.

Lucky for me, things DO seem to be "normalizing" and I am getting back into a groove where I can take some time and do a few things for myself. Don't you love that? When you find yourself (alone) walking the aisles at Target and just being able to leisurely browse the cute and kitschy stuff they have...vs. making a mad dash in for some diapers and trash bags while wrestling with your toddler for control of the shopping cart? True Mommy Bliss...


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