Is there a Hoarding Crafters show yet?

It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff
If TLC, Bravo, or any of those cable networks with hoarding shows decided to do one just for crafter's, I could be the lead story...seriously, this is a problem in my life. Even though most of my stuff is currently in boxes due to an attempted house sale earlier this year (didn't happen, stuff stayed in boxes for 6 months until I recently started re-introducing my crap to the house or purging it where possible), I know that at least 50% of it is stuff I will never use. Here's my dirty little secret: I just love buying and having the stuff.

Like my favorite organizing expert Peter Walsh says, "It IS all too much." I mean really, how many rolls of Steam-a-Seam can one own when you haven't used it in 3 years? I have got to get this craft clutter under control. I know it is hindering my creativity, and ability to even want to spend time in my craft space at all. With so much "stuff" around me, it is too difficult to concentrate on the project at hand. I get sucked into moving this to make room for that, or pick up another UFO and tinker on it, completely missing the point of coming down to finish another UFO as I had intended. It is all very frustrating, and I am determined to fix it as best as I can by first purging what I know I don't use or need, or ask myself what I was thinking when I bought the item. Luckily there is always another crafter on Freecycle or even at a Goodwill store, with Crafter's ADD like me who is only too happy to take my "junk" and turn it into their treasure. I will choose not to think about all of the stuff they probably have piled in their rooms...I'd probably want to work out a trade!

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  1. This is so true! There should be a hoarding episode, "crafters edition". I try not to get roped into looking too much at the JoAnn's ads I get frequently in the mail. I think I'd definitely get a few too many bright ideas and end up spending money on more stuff (if my husband didn't limit my trips), that would sit and collect dust in my craft room. :)


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