Books I'm reading now....a little sexy stuff mixed in.

I've discovered a good "steamy" romance author who writes about characters who knit! Heidi Betts has written several good "chick-lit/sexy" romance novels, and I just finished Tangled Up in Love. This book was a quick, fun, lighthearted read, and (gasp!) had some really good sex scenes. Now most non-knitter's might picture little old ladies when they think of knitting or even if they're young knitters, they tend to think straight-laced/ they'd never be "that" kind of girl. But hey, I would venture to say a lot of us crafter's in general like to keep it clean in daily life, but don't mind getting a little kinky between the sheets with our significant other. I know my husband is turned on when I knit in my bra and panties in bed...OK I don't have to be knitting let's face it, men don't care. LOL

Anyways, I like how Heidi Betts worked in "real" women who have regular jobs, friends, family, etc...and a love for knitting. The series revolves around the same knitting circle of women and their love interests. Tangled Up in Love features a woman newspaper columnist who is "dueling" with another columnist, who happens to be a hunky man. They challenge each other to all kinds of crazy stunts in attempts to outwit the other, and she ends up challenging him to learn to knit which she believes he'll never manage. He knows he's in over his head, but determined to prove her wrong. Of course I'm not giving anything away when I say it's a happy ending, and the subsequent match-up of the pair is amusing and like I said, very sexy stuff.

Here are a few of Heidi Betts' books. These are worth checking out for a little "winter warm-up" reading. Even good if you're snowed in with your "honey" on hand for re-enacting some of the steamy sections later. (wink-wink) OK I'll stop now...

Tangled Up In LoveLoves Me, Loves Me KnotKnock Me for a Loop

I definitely plan to pick up the other 2 books in the series and look forward to more from Ms. Betts!

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