So many quilt projects...so little time

I have started the "Great Quilt Studio Cleanout" because frankly it's got so bad in there, I can't think much less sit down and create or sew a quilt. Along with sorting fabric, holding things up and asking myself what the heck was I thinking when I bought it, I have been unfolding several unfinished quilts (or UFO's as they're commonly called).

These are quilts I started with the best of intentions, excited by the prospect of something new, or having seen the creator's finished work and wanting one for myself. I am embarrassed to say one of these quilts includes my daughter's baby quilt...and she's 3 1/2 years old!

Here are some others from the UFO pile:

Mystery Quilt Monkey Wrench Pattern..this was from  a class I took almost 10 years ago. I think I'm going to slap on the borders (I found the fabric in my piles) and send it out to be professionally longarm quilted.

Peaches batik fabric quilt. This top is also about 10 years old. I recall I bought a lot of hand-dyed peach fabric at a show, and started playing around with strips. I think I saw this pieced border on another quilt somewhere, and stitched strips onto muslin. It's one I definitely want to finish, and will quilt myself, using free-motion all over the top.

This one I am truly ashamed I haven't completed. It is absolutely gorgeous (if I do say so myself). The pattern is Bits and Blooms from the book Traditions With a Twist. I am making it my mission to complete the top this year, and then send it out to be professionally longarm quilted.

This is a beautiful landscape quilt quilt from Nancy Zieman's shop, Nancy's Notions. Very easy to do, I started it over a year ago, but as usual got sidetracked by other things. The top is completed, I am working on quilting it now!


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